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5 Amazing Tips on How to Save Money on a Cruise

(Gloucestercitynews.net)(Sept. 30, 2019)--Did you know over 28 million people took a cruise in 2018?

There's no doubt about it—cruises are one of the most popular ways to travel. From local weekend getaways to round-the-world cruises at $183,000 per person, there's something out there for everyone.

If you love to cruise but money is tight, what are your options? What's the cheapest way to cruise and still get the most bang for your buck?

In this post, we'll reveal how to save money on a cruise in 5 easy steps. Read on to learn more!

5 Amazing Tips on How to Save Money on a Cruise

1. Book Early

Sure, there are lots of last-minute deals you can find. Alaskan, Caribbean, or European cruises can take you to amazing places all over the world.

But if you want to lock in the best deals (with plenty of time for planning), book your cruise early. In some cases, you can book your cruise as far as two years out.

This gives you time to research and book the best flights, car rentals, or other related expenses.

2. DIY Shore Excursions

The average couple spends an extra $1,000 on expenses not included in the base cruise fare. The majority of that money goes to—you guessed it—shore excursions.

Your best bet? Book your excursions through an independent operator ahead of time. Even better, disembark and look for local deals to the area's best attractions once you're there.

3. Maximize Port Days

Here's one of our best tips for how to save money on a cruise: go to the spa on port days.

Think about it. Most people want to go ashore and do lots of sightseeing when the ship docks, right?

For that reason, the ship's spa (and other amenities) often offer great discounts while everyone else in onshore playing. Treat yourself to a nice discounted massage or pedicure during this time!

4. BYOB (If You Can)

Before you board the ship, research what beverages you're allowed to bring with you.

Many companies allow you to bring up to 2 bottles of wine in your luggage. You might also be able to bring a modest amount of your own water or soft drinks.

Again, research is paramount. Depending on the cruise line you choose, some beverage packages may be reasonable, while others are exorbitant. Bringing your own drinks could be one of the cheapest ways to cruise.

5. Hand Wash Your Clothes

Need to do some laundry while you're at sea? It might cost you several dollars—per item!

Rather than sending your clothes out for expensive laundry services, pack a small bottle of Woolite in your luggage.

It's easy enough to hand wash those swimsuits and other small items in your room. Hang them on the balcony or in the shower to dry. You can always wash the rest of it when you get home.

How to Save Money on a Cruise? Now You Know

Now that you know how to save on cruises, what's next? All that's left to do is find your dream itinerary at a price you can afford!

Before you make that reservation, refer back to the list above to ensure you make full use of these great tips.

That way, you'll have extra cash to spend on the things you enjoy most.

Did you find this article helpful? Be sure to check out our other posts for more great saving advice.