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SINGH FOR SENATE: The Far Left is Trying to Silence Conservatives

Let's face it: The far left doesn't want you to hear the truth.

That's why they try to silence conservatives any way they can!

Just last week Twitter banned Hirsh's OFFICIAL twitter account from expressing our First Amendment Right and calling out Cory Bookers' lies! Politics 1

Then, Twitter locked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel's twitter account from expressing his First Amendment Right and showing the world a video of the violent left threating his life! 

Yesterday, after 90,000 people were talking about #ClintonBodyCount, Twitter deleted it but kept up, the fake, #TrumpBodyCount hashtag that only 10,000 people used.

William E, will your voice be silenced next?

Stand with our campaign and the thousands of other patriots by signing our official petition before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT that we will send to Twitter, calling on them to stop censoring our First Amendment right to free speech!

This is your chance to stand up against Twitter, big tech, and the liberal left, to make your voice known and fight alongside our team and Senator McConnell's team.

Our opponents have remained perfectly free to communicate with their
people. Twitter has sided with the left and is marshaling its vast resources to censor us and suppress our message.

Twitter’s motives are completely un-American, unethical, and maybe even illegal.

We can’t let Twitter succeed... and we won’t.

Join the thousands who have already signed our petition telling Twitter to uphold freedom of speech and end their censorship of Hirsh, McConnell, and conservatives everywhere.


Singh for Senate
Rapid Response Team
For The People