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Political News: Joe Sestak, The Democratic Presidential Candidate


(Gloucestercitynews.net)--Check out this Quartz profile: “Not your average Joe… Meet the intriguing presidential candidate you haven’t seen on the debate stage." Politics 1

"You may not know Joe Sestak, though he is running for president of the United States. But wherever you’re from in the world, the Democratic candidate has likely been to, or at least seriously considered, your region of the globe. And he’d love to chat about it.

Sestak—call him Joe though, he insists—has been a congressman, a 3-star admiral in the Navy, a military adviser to former US president Bill Clinton, a college professor, a PhD student in political economy and government, a husband, a father, a wanderer, a global backpacker, and a long walker who crossed 422 miles of Pennsylvania by foot to meet with his constituents. He’s a progressive moderate who wants the US to resume its role as a global leader advancing 'the values-based world order from which we have retreated,' and a military man more inclined to diplomacy than warfare."

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The article goes on to describe my approach to campaigning - and governing:

"He’s meeting folks and discovering new things, like the popular millennial political podcast Chapo Trap House, where he recently did an interview that made him feel 'cool.' But perhaps what’s coolest about him is that he’ll speak to the right-wing Breitbart News, too, and genuinely wants to share his views on issues, for example, explaining why the US actually needs undocumented immigrants. He’s not squeamish about disagreement, defying his own political party at times, yet he’s not looking for a fight.

'I don’t want to be president if I have to win by outrage,' he explained. 'I don’t want to just win. I want to govern, and not just by executive order. I understand the outrage people feel right now. But real leadership is taking two different needs and elevating them to one single want.'

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Arguably, Sestak knows a thing or two about this topic. He commanded an aircraft carrier battle group conducting combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq with 30 US and allied ships and more than 15,000 sailors and 100 aircraft. He’s also considered the qualities of a good leader while teaching ethical leadership courses at the historically black college Cheyney University and at Carnegie Mellon.

Sestak says he’s spent much time “shooting the breeze” with enlisted service members, visiting veterans in prisons and hospitals, going to churches, synagogues, and mosques, and meeting people all over the US whose many different needs can be elevated into a single desire that only he, the little-known candidate, can satisfy."

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Finally, the article talks about my first day in office:

"He plans to hold a town hall on the very first day he’s in office if elected president... He also intends to fly to France after his national town hall is over to renew US commitment to the Paris Accord, which Trump has refused to sign, addressing what Sestak considers the number one concern in the world—climate change. While he certainly supports efforts to address the environment at home, he’s also adamant about the fact that global cooperation is the only viable approach to solving this problem because 85% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced outside the US."


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Joe Sestak

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