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Maple Shade "NO KNOCK"-"NO SOLICITATION" -Door Stickers are still available

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(Gloucestercitynews.net)--Attention Maple Shade Residents. "NO KNOCK"-"NO SOLICITATION" - Door Stickers are still available! It will continue to be an ongoing program. Come to the MSPD Records Bureau window Monday to Friday 8AM to 4PM or ask any MSPD Officer that you see for one at anytime.
The Maple Shade Police Department acknowledges that uninvited door to door sales persons are undesirable to many Maple Shade residents, and have a negative impact on the quality of life that we seek to enjoy. With that in mind, the Maple Shade Police Department will now provide official “NO KNOCK” front door stickers that are codified by updated Maple Shade Township ordinance legislation.

The Maple Shade Township ordinance under section 145-6 had previously allowed a resident to post a sign of their own that solicitors and peddlers were not invited or prohibited.  With recent changes enacted to the ordinance, now residents can also display an official “NO KNOCK” sticker supplied for free by the Maple Shade Police Department. 

Maple Shade Township Ordinance 145-6C(2) states;
“ In an attempt to allow residents to be free from door-lo-door solicitations, residents may elect to display prominently on their outer most front doors an official "No Knock" sticker issued by the Township of Maple Shade Police Department that signifies that the residents do not wish to be disturbed. No registrant or unregistered canvasser, solicitor, itinerant merchant, transient vendor, peddler, or hawker shall knock on the door or ring the doorbell of any residence upon which a "No Knock" sticker is so affixed. At the time that the registration card is issued as set forth above, registrants shall be provided a sample of the Township of Maple Shade "No Knock" sticker and a copy of this Ordinance.”

Residents can obtain their free sticker by coming to the Maple Shade Police Department Records Bureau Monday to Friday between 8AM and 4PM and showing their New Jersey Driver’s License, tax bill, or other suitable proof of residency. Additionally, residents can ask any Maple Shade Police Officer for assistance in obtaining a “NO KNOCK” sticker.