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By Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor



Gloucester City, NJ (August 29, 2019)--RiverPark Pub, located at 200 Jersey Ave in Gloucester City, is known for its community involvement. With the sudden rash of bicycles being stolen in our area, the entire staff of GOOD NEWS 21the Riverpark, led by Michael Soll decided to get involved.


“We are committing to matching the contribution of every individual that comes into our establishment and makes a donation toward the purchase of a new bike for a child whose bike was stolen.


"I've already reached out to the Gloucester City Police Department (GCPD0 for names of those whose bikes recently went missing!


"My commitment to this community doesn't end at the front door--I sincerely love this town and want to help it be a safe and joyful place in which to live, work, and enjoy life!"


Between August 28 and September 14, all contributions will be matched. A jar, labeled 'Mike's Bikes' is available at the pub. Ask any of RiverPark's caring staff to make a donation. Donations of new bikes are also welcome!


When all donations are in, Michael will distribute the new bikes. Families of those affected can receive them on Saturday September 21st at 5:00 PM at the Riverpark. RPP is one of several local businesses that are proactively assisting those who have reported missing bikes.


While you're there, enjoy the great food, good music, and cold drinks that have made this venue so popular!


Once again RiverPark Pub is making a difference! Please help by donating! RPP is the place to be!



published | August 29, 2019