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Sierra Club’s Endorsement Hinges on Support for Extreme Energy Agenda That Will Raise Bills by Thousands Every Year

BOONTON, N.J. – Left-wing Democrats Darcy Draeger and Lisa Bhimani continue to show just how out-of-step they are with Morris and Somerset County taxpayers by today accepting and promoting the endorsement of the NJ Sierra Club. Its progressive leader, Jeff Tittel, has championed an Ocasio-Cortez-like Green New Deal that will leave New Jersey with blackouts, cold homes and drastically higher energy bills – going far beyond Phil Murphy’s own proposed energy tax of $2,000 per year. The Sierra Club also backs Murphy’s rain tax, one of over 20 new Murphy taxes that further punish 25th district communities and businesses.

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“Experts are saying Phil Murphy’s proposed Energy Tax has crushing new mandates that will punish businesses and drive up energy bills for seniors and families by $2,000 every year. The progressive Sierra Club says that expensive plan doesn’t go far enough. With sky-high property taxes and crushing costs just to live in New Jersey, Darcy Draeger and Lisa Bhimani should answer how high they are willing to raise seniors’ energy bills as a condition of the Sierra Club’s endorsement,” said Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, referring to the Governor’s Energy Master Plan. “I oppose the Governor’s $2,000 energy tax and will continue to fight every day to make New Jersey more affordable.”
The Governor’s Energy Plan introduced this summer seeks to turn the state’s economy upside down by blocking natural gas in favor of green policies built on fuzzy math. A policy group report says similar plans to Murphy’s will cost the average US household $2,000 per year for 20 years, not including the higher costs on businesses that will slow economic development and cost New Jersey jobs.
“Anthony and I would rather stand with the taxpayers, families and seniors of this district, against the higher energy taxes pushed by radical special interest groups endorsing our opponents today,” said Brian Bergen, a small businessman, Iraq War veteran, and graduate of the United States Military Academy. “We need commonsense solutions in Trenton to lower costs for New Jersey residents, not two more votes for Phil Murphy’s out-of-touch agenda.”
About Assemblyman Anthony Bucco
Anthony Bucco has dedicated a lifetime to serving others – including as a 39-year volunteer fireman, longtime Rotarian, and founding member of Daytop NJ – to his role today serving as a commonsense, bipartisan voice in the State Assembly. As a municipal law expert, he works for better policies to control property taxes, and has been a leading voice in Trenton to make New Jersey more affordable for families and businesses. Anthony is a cancer survivor and proud husband to Amy, father of six and grandfather of three.
About Brian Bergen
Brian Bergen is a West Point graduate, Iraq War combat veteran, former Army Officer and Apache helicopter pilot. After serving our country overseas, he earned his M.B.A from Rutgers and moved to Denville where he is currently a small business owner. Brian serves on the Denville Council and has served his community volunteering for multiple organizations. Bergen is the current Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2519 Commander and the Morris County American Legion Vice Commander. He is husband to Kristin and father to two young children.