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CCGOP Chair: “We’re Not Letting This Issue Ride Off Into The Sunset Like A Mayor On  A Snowplow”

Did CAMC0 spokesman misspeak like he did about the mayor on the snowplow HEIGHTS – Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino said the fact former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay appearing in news reports again raises questions. New jersey politics 2

At issue is a recent report that the former assemblyman is still employed by Camden County.

“I don’t know what bothers me most, the fact the former assemblyman still has a county job, that the Democrats tried to cover for him after his arrest last year or that after a promised investigation Mr. Barclay was moved to a different job with a pay raise,” Richard Ambrosino said. “Obviously, there are still many unanswered questions to the Arthur Barclay saga.”


Ambrosino explained, “For example, on June 18, 2018 it was reported that a ‘spokesman for the county and for the police department’ said they ‘were just made aware of the incident.’ We know that statement was about as true as a Cherry Hill mayorbeing on a snowplow.”


“In that same report the spokesman claimed the arrest would be ‘investigated by human resources as a personnel matter.’” Ambrosino asked, “Was the incident investigated by human resources or did the spokesman misspeak like he did about the mayor on the snowplow all those years ago?”


Ambrosino also asked, “Is it common for county employees who admit to punching their girlfriends to be given new jobs and pay raises? Does county government agree with what Congressman Norcross said at the time that, ‘This type of behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances,’ and, if so, why is the former assemblyman still employed by the county? Given the fact it was reported that Mr. Barclay resigned from the New Jersey Assembly for ‘health reasons,’ does his health prevent him from performing any of the duties associated with his county job or the job he held previously?”


“Residents of Camden County deserve truthful answers,” Ambrosino said. “At the very least, those who engage in unacceptable behavior shouldn’t be getting new jobs with pay raises. We’re not letting this issue ride off into the sunset like a mayor on a snowplow.”