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Gloucester City Police Respond to Calls About Dogs Allegedly Being Abused

by CNBNewsnet Staff


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 21, 2019)—We received several calls earlier today about dogs being mistreated in the 200 unit block of Morris Street. The callers asked that their names not be used as they were afraid of retaliation from the owners of the animals.

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SHAR-PEI image courtesy of AKC


According to these individuals two SHAR-PEI’s were being abused at the property. One of the dogs died. Neighbors allegedly told one of the callers that she saw the dog’s body being thrown into the back of the owner’s car. Before it died it was seen with maggots hanging on its eyes and its ears. The ears on the remaining dog supposedly has been cut! That both dogs were left outside without any water or shelter in the 90 plus degree heat.

Each person we spoke with said they called the dog catcher, Nancy, about these dogs along with the police and have gotten no response.

We rode by the house and found what appeared to be an elderly SHAR-PEI laying in the alleyway along the side of the house in the shade. It was just sleeping. We drove to nearby Burlington Street to look at the back of the house and found one small igloo dog house and empty dog bowls. We couldn’t tell if there was any water in the dishes. The dog we saw was too big for the igloo house.

We reached out to police and received the following written statement from Lt. Steve Burkhardt, spokesperson for the department.


"Since November 24, 2018 we have received ten calls to this residence for the dogs either left out in the cold, or the heat.  All of the calls have been from anonymous sources.  In most of the incidents, the responding officers found the dogs inside the residence, in good health.  On a couple of occasions, officers found the dogs outside and asked the owners to bring the dogs inside.  The dogs always found to be in good health and the owners complied.  The allegations of animal cruelty have been investigated by both our HUMANE police officer, who investigates all animal cruelty reports in the city, as well as the animal control officer.   During this past month, both owners have been charged with failure to register their dogs and failure to provide adequate care, after the dogs were found to have been left outside in over 90 degree temperatures for an extended period of time.  Those charges are pending future court action."

A new state law that assigns the enforcement of animal cruelty laws to county prosecutors and municipal police departments took effect on August 1, 2018.  As a result the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA) and the county SPCA's  no longer are  doing that job.

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