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Differences between AFL and NFL

( 20, 2019)--Football is known for its passion and hard play. The sport demands a lot many things but most importantly physical play matched with strategy. The game rules are simple, you need to kick the ball across the goal of the other party and score, and however, the rules of the Football leagues across the world are different. While America celebrates National Football League, Australia follows a different set of rules for the Australian Football league. This creates a lot of confusion among people who aren't familiar with these Sports and this is why we are decoding the most confusing terms in this post- AFL vs. NFL.


6a00d8341bf7d953ef0240a4c67e60200b-400wiNFL stands for National Football League and is one of the most professional football leagues in the US. NFL came into existence in 1920 with 11 teams as American Professional Football Association. Later, the league was named as NFL officially. Today, the league stands tall with over 32 teams under its umbrella. Currently, the pre-season is on-going and we are at the 4th week out of 5. For those of you who are interested, the official season will begin on 6th of September and will continue for 17 weeks until the finals will take place at 02/02/2020 – a little far away from us.



AFL stands for Australian Football League and was founded in 1897. AFL is also the sport’s governing body in the country and is responsible for managing and implementing the rules of the game. Initially, it was named as Victorian Football Association (VFA) and 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0240a4c68c58200b-400wiwas limited to the teams from Victoria, Australia. Later, the name was changed to Australian Football League in 1990as the teams across the country started taking part in the competition. The current season is on-going and currently the AFL fans are waiting for the biggest event there is: The grand final. Many of the fans will look for the right moment to check pundits and different predictions for the AFL grand final betting. Since it's the grand final, there will be a lot of news related to the game and a lot of prediction are being made already. Now that we are up to date with the recent news, let's check the differences between these two great Sports games.

Differences between NFL & AFL:

There are several differences between NFL & AFL including the pace. In comparison with the NFL, AFL is played at a faster pace and even the number of goals in this league is more than the former.

Let’s have a look into some other differences between the two leagues:

  • Length of the field:

The NFL field measures 100 yards whereas the Aussie rules pitches are oval in shape with dimensions ranging from 135 to 185 meters in length, and 110 to 155 meters in width.

  • Scoring:

In NFL every goal has one point assigned to it, whereas in Australian Football Association, every goal that crosses the middle goal post is assigned 6 points and when it crosses between one of the goalpost and the middle, it carries 1 point.

  • Halftime:

For AFL, the game comprises of 4 quarters each of 20 minutes, however for NFL it is also the four-quarter timing system but with each quarter measuring as 15 minutes.

  • Use of hands:

In AFL, the only way the players can pass the football is by using their hands. The ball is placed on the palm of one hand and strikes with the butt of the other hand. On the other hand, the NFL is all about kicking the ball and minimum hand motions.

There are many other differences such as the players in AFL runs only fifteen kilometers in every game. However, the NFL is never consistent and usually stops at every 10 seconds.