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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: A Companion for Your Companion

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor


   B&CSome people believe that, if their dog is lonely, adopting a second dog is the answer. While it can be a remedy, sometimes a second dog will exacerbate the problem.

   If you are away from home more than nine hours a day there are ways that you can occupy Fido’s time. For example, leaving treats “hidden” around the house will give him the opportunity to search for them. Turning on the radio or television may also help—a human voice can be a comfort to some dogs.

   Adopting a companion for your dog is risky. What if the two dogs don’t get along? What if they  become destructive, with the Alpha getting the Beta into trouble? It may not work out the way you planned!

   If you opt to adopt another dog allow your first dog to slowly become accustomed to the new arrival. It’s important to give them several weeks to adapt to one another. There is no exception to this rule! To let two unfamiliar, unsupervised dogs alone together is certain disaster!

   Be sure to pay attention to your dog when you arrive home from work. Greet him as though he’s been waiting for you all day long, because he has! Take him for a walk, interact with him as you prepare his food, and allow for some cuddle-time before going to bed. Your best buddy deserves to be treated as a member of the family. He will pay you back by being loyal and loving for his entire life!


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Pictured: Bonnie and Cosmo--Inseparable in life. Crossed the Bridge within 2 weeks of one another.


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published | August 31, 2019