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Can Philadelphia Flyers succeed in the 2019/20 NHL season?


PHILADELPHIA, PA ( 9, 2019)--Next month Philadelphia Flyers will begin their NHL preseason campaign with a highly anticipated match against New York Islanders. The match at the Wells Fargo Center could give us a good indication of what we can expect from Alain Vigneault’s team this season. Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 20.44.47

Last season Philadelphia Flyers struggled in the Metropolitan Division. Their playing record of 37 wins and 37 losses saw them finishing up in sixth place in the standings, and it’s evident that much work needs to be done to get the team back up anything near the glory years of the 1970s.


At the moment, most betting sites featured at have the Philadelphia Flyers at long odds to succeed in the Metropolitan Division. The team face a tough battle to get ahead of favourites such as Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, and even Carolina Hurricanes, New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders are preferred by the bookmakers when compared to Alain Vigneault’s team.


So what can be done to boost Philadelphia Flyers’ chances of NHL success? Many commentators have stated that the team need to address the troublesome goaltending issue. Last season saw a glaring lack of solidity in front of goal, and the fact that they let in the third-highest amount of goals in the NHL also means that their defensce needs looking at.


Thankfully, the team’s general manager, Chuck Fletcher, has been busy making some new signings in the off-season. In particular it’s the arrival of Matt Nisakanen from Washington Capitals that could bolster their defensive capacities. Fletcher also made the wise move to poach Justin Braun from San Jose Sharks, and it will be interesting to see if the pair can help the Philadelphia Flyer’s poor defensive record of last season.


However, there still remain many questions about whether the likes of Brian Elliott and Carter Hart have enough firepower to shore things up for Philadelphia Flyers. Whilst Elliott has plenty of experience, his inconsistency and age could mean that it is time for the veteran to think about moving on. Hart is a very talented youngster, but at just 21 years of age, it could prove to be too early to allow the former Rookie of the Month to be a full-time goalie for the Flyers.


Thankfully, Philadelphia Flyers have plenty of talented stars in other areas that should mean that the team are in with a decent chance of improving their standings. In particular, it’s Sean Couturier who will be relied upon as a result of his remarkable skill and decent point-per-game statistics.


It will also be interesting to see whether Claude Giroux continues to keep playing more on the wing in the Flyers’ preseason games. The 31-year old was in strong form last season, and the captain will once again be pivotal for the team’s success in their upcoming campaign.


Some Philadelphia Flyers players like Nolan Patrick had a fairly disappointing time last season, and whilst the likes of Kevin Hayes managed to improve things somewhat, it’s evident that there’s plenty of work to be done over the course of the next month.


Thankfully, there are a handful of young players in the Flyers squad would could shine next season. Travis Sanheim looked good last season and the young defender could easily up his points production this time around. Oskar Lindblom could bring much to the Flyers attack and it could be a breakout year for the 22-year old. Obviously it will take some time for the talented youngsters to find their place in the Philadelphia Flyers team, but as the Flyers have an aging squad, their time will undoubtedly come sooner or later.


Ultimately, it looks like a period of transition for the Philadelphia Flyers. Their core team is made up of quality veterans, but there is a growing need to try and revitalize things to take the team to the next level.


If Alain Vigneault plays his cards right, then it’s not to much of a stretch to picture Philadelphia Flyers getting a decent top-four finish in the Metropolitan Division. But with big questions over many of the side’s ageing stars, it’s clear that Philadelphia Flyers will have to make some tough decisions soon to avoid more disappointments in the upcoming NHL season.