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10 Popular Board Games Of The 90s


(Gloucestercitynews.net)(August 19, 2019)--If you grew up in the 90s then you must have a lot of memories of playing out in the sun, in the mud, probably barefoot not caring about the latest smartphones with high tech and multi feature digital games. It was a good period to grow up in, just before technology and the internet took over the fun activities. Besides outdoor games, indoors were made fun by board games, which also own a big portion of our memory as they were quite popular during those days. Let’s have a look at a few of them and refresh our memories.



1. Scrabble

This is one of the most loved board games till date. And the best thing about this game is that people of any age can play it together. Those endless fights over whether or not the word exists and referring to the dictionary. Besides being fun, this game helped us improve our vocabulary.


2. Monopoly

Monopoly became popular because it dealt with the human desire to acquire more and more assets, even if it was just on some fantasy world. Derived from the economic concept of monopoly, the game progresses as the players try to dominate the market alone.


3. Dungeons & Dragons

One of the pioneer games in the role-playing tabletop genre and boy it had raised the bar quite high. People either loved it for its unpredictability or hated it for its complicatedness. It could keep you hooked for hours if your dungeon master had a great way to impersonate a character.


4. Eat At Ralph’s

A simple game for the little ones. Winning this game is pretty simple. Roll the dice and feed Ralph accordingly. First one to finish the food token wins. But wait! Ralph will not always eat it all. He can throw up food that you didn’t even feed him. Well, what’s a game without a little twist, right?


5. Perfection

Another simple one for the young ones. Placing the pieces on its correct position on the board before the time runs out. If you are unable to do so, the whole tray pops up scattering all the pieces once again. Wasn’t that the best part of the game? Its variant Head to Head Perfection was equally fun.


6. Jumpin’ Monkeys

Toddlers loved this game and many companies have their own versions. The basic idea is to launch the monkeys to get them hanging onto the tree. Aiming skills were certainly required. But this game added more memories of monkeys dropping after subsequent hits and the laughs, or sometimes anger, that followed rather than of people winning.


7. Shark Attack

Shark Attack brought a sense of excitement and unlike other games, it didn’t result in fights between the players because the only problem was created by the approaching shark. Rolling the dice, moving the fish and escaping from being gulped down by the shark. So simple yet so fun.


8. Jumanji

How can a board game be so interesting? If you had imaginative power, this game surely took you to places. Surviving through the adverses of the jungle, facing all sorts of dangerous animals like rhino, crocodile, lion, snake, etc. and finishing the game is the only way to win. But who cares when the journey is so much fun?


9. Tyrannosorous Rocks

Owning this board game felt like a privilege after the release of the movie. This is something you could play alone because, well, who has a play partner all the time? Just assemble the skeleton of this giant dinosaur without setting him off. It made one feel like some kind of scientist.


10. Looney Tunes Smush ‘em

This game had our favorite looney tunes characters and boy they were smushed! It’s a harsh world out there kids. Moulding the play dough into the characters was the best part and many a times the game wouldn’t start because we didn’t want to destroy them. Hahaha.


Feeling nostalgic yet? Give them a revisit.