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What To Do If You Have Received A Drug Charge

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( 24, 2019)--When you are charged with a criminal offence, it can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are not guilty of what you are being accused of. One of the common drug charges in the UK is known as possession with intent to supply. This charge is usually given to those who are in possession of controlled drugs that they intended to supply to another. Of course, there needs to be proof of this.

Here, we are going to give you some advice on what to do if you have received this kind of charge. Keep reading to find out more.

Contact A Solicitor

The first thing that you should do when you receive a possession with intent to supply charge is to contact a solicitor who can help. There are many solicitors in the UK who are experienced in dealing with this kind of charge and they can help you to receive a lesser conviction whether you are guilty or not. Make sure that you find a solicitor who is experienced in this kind of charge or else you risk losing out.

Research The Common Sentences

It is really important that you understand how serious your crime is before you make any kind of decision on whether you should plead guilty or not guilty. Many people believe that these kinds of charges don’t come with a huge level of punishment but in the UK, this is not true at all. If you are caught supplying class A drugs, then you could face life imprisonment. For class B drugs and class C drugs, there is a maximum sentence of 14 years. Make sure that you are aware of these before you make any kind of decisions and always listen carefully to the advice of your solicitor.

Appealing The Decision

If you have received a drug charge, then you will find that you can appeal the decision made on both your conviction and your sentence. Your solicitor should be able to talk you through the appeals process and help you to figure out if you are eligible to appeal this kind of thing. Make sure that you consider the appeals process properly and the impact that it might have. Hopefully, your appeal will go through and you won’t have to deal with the serious drug charges set out by the law.

Final Verdict

If you have recently received a charge of possession with intent to supply, then you should make sure that you follow the advice that we have given you in this article. Get in touch with a solicitor who can help you to make the right decisions on your charge and hopefully will be able to get you a lighter sentence if you are guilty. If you are not guilty then you might want to consider the appeals process and make sure that you don’t get charged for something which you did not do. Follow our tips if this happens to you in the near future.