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TREES COME TUMBLING DOWN ( 23, 2019)----A number of trees were knocked over Monday, July 22, during the heavy wind and rain storm that hit the South Jersey area. The above photo was taken at the intersection of  New Jersey Road and Chestnut Street in Brooklawn. (photos by J. Townsend)


GOOD NEWS--The Camden County Freeholders Board on July 23 passed a $16,926,000 bond ordinance on first reading for highway and infrastructure repairs. The monies will be used Good News 13 to fix sections of county roads 534, 551, 561, 647 and 705. The section of 551 to be repaired is from the Brooklawn Bridge to South Broadway and Jersey Avenue in Gloucester City. The second reading and public hearing for the bond ordinance is set for August 15, 2019 at 7:00 P.M., at the Winslow Township Senior Citizens Center (Edward Bud Duble Center) 33 Coopers Folly Road, Atco.

6a00d8341bf7d953ef0240a499144e200d-800wiMembers of the Camden County Freeholder Board are responsible for maintaining the cow path, also known as CR 551, which connects the communities of Gloucester City and Brooklawn. But they have allowed this condition too exist for decades. A few years ago the Freeholders, using taxpayers money, spent millions on repairing the bridge; but the Freeholder Board never fixed the flooding from Little Timber Creek in this section of South Broadway. (2018 photo credit CNBNewsnet)

In 2012 the county (taxpayers) spent $4.1 million to rebuild the bridge over Little Timber Creek. The bridge connects Gloucester Cnbnews exclusive City and Brooklawn via CR 551. For decades, whenever there is a heavy rain or a extreme high tide, that area between the two communities becomes almost impassable at times because of the flooding.   According to the ordinance the plans call for raising CR 551 from the Brooklawn/Gloucester City bridge to nearby Jersey Avenue in Gloucester City.

According to a Camden County press release issued in 2012 the bridge project included the demolition of the existing structure over Little Timber Creek and construction of a new bridge including new abutments, the bridge span, decking, and parapets. The project also featured new bridge approaches, new pedestrian sidewalks, new guide rails, traffic striping and roadway markings.

In 2015 Dan Keashen, a spokesman for the county, was asked whether or not the approach from Gloucester City into Brooklawn would be repaired?

Keashen said, “Not at this time.” 

“We had to start first with the repair of the bridge. We plan on expanding out to that approach  in the future.  Between the county and Gloucester City we will be working on a long term project to remediate the main thoroughfare with capital funds and FEMA funding. It will be a multi-million dollar project when all the funding sources are organized.”

The complete bond ordinance appears below.

BOND ORDINANCE OF THE COUNTY OF CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY APPROPRIATING $16,926,000 FOR THE REPAIR AND/OR REPLACEMENT OF CERTAIN COUNTY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF N.J.S.A. 40:14B-40.2 AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $16,079,700 BONDS OR NOTES OF THE COUNTY FOR FINANCING PART OF SUCH APPROPRIATION" of the County of Camden, New Jersey (the "County"), is hereby amended to read in its entirety as set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto. Section 2. All other details of the Original Ordinance shall remain the same. Section 3. This bond ordinance shall take effect twenty (20) days after the first publication thereof after final adoption, as provided by the Local Bond Law. EXHIBIT "A" TOWN DESCRIPTION Haddon Township and Collingswood CR 561 Phase II Ardmore Ave. to Rt. 130 Berlin Borough / Winslow / Gloucester Township Cross-Keys Road Reconstruction Phase I from Turnersville Road to New Brooklyn Road Winslow CR 705 from Cross Keys to Chews Landing RoadBrooklawn Design for raising CR 551 from Brooklawn Bridge to Jersey Avenue Gloucester Township CR 534 College Drive to Little Gloucester Road Berlin Park Drive White Horse Pike to Cross-Keys Road Haddon Township / Audubon CR 647 Crystal Lake Avenue to Cuthbert Boulevard Countywide Drainage Improvements Countywide Miscellaneous Water Quality Improvements Countywide Miscellaneous Park Improvements. 


IMG_2657photos by CNBNewsnet

STRANGE BUT TRUE--Monday morning around 9:30AM while walking Peyton we found a dead beaver laying on Thompson Avenue near Lane Avenue. It appeared that it was attacked by either a dog or cat. The beaver's fir was still damp. The nearest waterway is Little Timber Creek which is about a mile away from where the beaver was found. Assuming it was living in Little Timber Creek it is hard to believe that it walked from the creek to where it was found dead on Thompson Avenue. 

According to Animal Facts Encyclopedia Beavers have the longest childhood of any rodent, with youngsters staying with parents for 2 to 3 years as they learn the skills of hydro-engineering. Most active at night, they rely on their excellent senses of smell and hearing, but are extremely near-sighted, and will sometimes simply feel around for things with their little hand-like front paws.

On land, however, the beaver is a bit awkward, short-legged and round, with a slow, rocking gait and poor eyesight. Even 60 pound adults can be quick victims when on land, so they prefer not to travel too far on logging trips. When trees and other resources are too far away, they solve the problem by digging canals sometimes hundreds of feet long. These canals, created by simply shoving mud out of the way, are often dug deep enough for the beaver to float log sections down.

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