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Skills That Will Help You Stand Out


( 29, 2019)--The job search can be a stressful time, and trying to prove yourself as a worthy candidate to a potential employer isn’t always easy. Most employers know exactly what they’re looking when filling positions. Dependent on which career path you’re hoping to branch into, there are often very specific skills and Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 14.5.06 experiences you will need to do the job.

However, alongside these fundamental skills comes general abilities and behaviors that are essential to be successful in the workplace. These are better known as transferable skills, as they can be applied to any workplace, in any industry.

Here are some of the top skills that employers are looking for in the job search.

1. Communication

Employers want to know that you can communicate well in written format, verbally, and through listening. It’s all about being able to communicate your point of view to a tailored audience and taking on board the other person’s perspective. Being a good communicator is mainly about how you express yourself, but it’s also about being able to sit back and absorb information, rather than always feeling the need to take center stage.

2. Teamwork

As you’ll be working alongside other employees all day every day, it’s critical that you have the ability to work well with others. While teamwork is based on being a good team-player, you also need to be able to allocate tasks to others when responsibility is placed on your shoulders. Employers look for individuals who can bring positive energy to the workplace and aren’t afraid to get stuck into tasks without making negative comments that may impact the productivity of others.

3. Negotiation

In client-facing roles, it’s important that employees can negotiate in order to get the results they set out to achieve. However, it’s also about understanding someone’s else’s thoughts and opinions, but rounding off with a result you’re both happy with. Negotiation isn’t a skill that always comes naturally, but the good news is that it can be learned. If you feel you’re in need of some confidence to become an effective negotiator, then why not look into negotiation training?

4. Organization

Employers are keen to hire individuals who prove that they are well-organized. It’s all about managing your time effectively to complete tasks that are of priority so that deadlines are met. This is even more important for remote workers who are away from the office, as they will need to motivate themselves to get tasks done as and when required.

5. Ability to work under pressure

While your job should be enjoyable, there will be occasions when it becomes stressful, and you have to complete your tasks under pressure. No-one really knows how they would deal with this circumstance until it actually happens, but employers can get a vague idea of how you may conduct yourself during the interview process. They may ask you how you handle stress in your personal life and if there are times you have had to work under pressure in the workplace environment.