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Singh For Senate: The Truth About Cory Booker

Before Cory Booker steps on stage for tonight’s Democrat Debate, we need to get the New jersey politics 2 truth out to you!

It is urgent that we share this new website with you, to show you the truth.

That is why our dedicated team of researchers launched https://www.byebooker.com to expose Booker’s phony record, misrepresentations, and outright lies.
As a dedicated supporter, we are sharing this website with you first. And we know we can count on you to help share the truth with everyone who loves our country and wants to elect real leaders.

While the Fake News tells you what to think, we want you to see the hard truth about Booker for yourself, so you can see all of his lies!

Remember our site, https://www.byebooker.com  is the only place to find out the truth about Cory Booker.

Thank you,

Singh For Senate
Republican for U.S. Senate
For The People
P.S. Remember to share the link anywhere and everywhere to expose Booker! >> https://www.byebooker.com