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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Paintball Gun



(Gloucestercitynews.net)(July 17, 2019)--Starting any new activity can create a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in most of us. And if that activity requires considerable investment of both time and money, then many questions pop-up in our head as well.


Paintball is an exhilarating and exciting sport that requires its share of research and commitment before its pursuit. Before you embark on this colorful journey, it is important to venture once you are fully informed.


So, to free your mind of doubts, here are the answers to the most common questions asked by prospective buyers of a paintball gun.


1. How Much Am I Going to Spend?

This question is best answered by taking into consideration the time you are going to spend playing this game. If the answer is only once every summer or something along those lines, then it would be best to invest in a low-range paintball gun. These guns are quite durable and can also be upgraded. However, if you feel that you are ready for intense paintball sessions at least thrice a month, then choosing a low-range paintball may be counterproductive.


Chose a middle-range gun that can withstand the intensity of a heated match and can be customized with versatile add-ons that will help you in the game. You can look here for reviews of paintball guns and decide which one to choose.


2. What Kind of Paintball Do I Want to Play?

There are primarily two kinds of paintball that can be played - woodsball or speedsball.


Woodsball is a more intense and rugged game and therefore you would want a gun that is almost similar to a rifle. The gun must be comfortable and durable.


In speedsball, a gun that is compact and can easily be hugged to your body for faster and quicker play is preferred. In woodsball, you should avoid buying a gun with shiny colors however in speedsball such guns can be purchased.


3. What Other Equipment Will I Need?

Paintball as a game requires a lot of other equipment besides the main gun. And it is important that all equipment is of good quality and durable. It would be ill-fated if your gun is of top quality but because you spend all the money in the gun, the mask is of poor quality or the gas tank is not delivering.


You would need to account for add-ons like compressed air tank, safety mask, hopper, and strap among others. All these parts should also be compatible to the gun. Therefore, before buying a gun, purchase from a manufacturer that produces reputable and well-known products so that in case of upgrades you can easily access parts that are compatible with your gun.


4. Is It Okay to Buy Used Equipment?

Considering how expensive your dream paintball gun can be, it might be a good idea to try your hand at a second-hand gun. This would surely mean a lot of settlement from your side.


It would also mean being ready for some wear and tear and some specifications that are not what you had in mind. But a few tweaks may not hurt you as much as shelling out that much extra money. Try looking through paintball classifieds or visit your local seller and you never know- you might just strike the deal of the century!


5. What If My Gun Breaks?

Now that you have set your mind at being a paintball pro, it would not be much of a bother to realize that paintball guns require a lot of maintenance- they might also break. The higher the quality of your gun, the more you will have to pay to repair it.


It would thus also be a good idea to buy a gun that has parts available at different sellers with different prices so you have many options, that a gun whose parts are sold only by a certain manufacturer at a certain price. Some guns are quite high maintenance, they can be regularly buffed only by a professional and not by the customer at home. Be sure to delve in these details, regarding maintenance and repair before buying your paintball gun.