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Old Bridge Councilman Razzoli: Enforcing Federal Laws is a Duty, Not a Choice

By Mark Razzoli

When the governor and state legislature think they are arbiters of constitutional analysis, there is an intrinsic problem. There is nothing that Cnb politics 2has been debated since the Civil War that allows for the cherry picking of which federal laws to enforce, and which to opt out of because they don’t happen to agree with our current agendas.

When New Jersey’s Attorney General calls for sheriffs across our state to ignore federal immigration laws, and when the Governor and his soldiers rally behind him, it once again validates that New Jersey is on a slippery slope toward political anarchy.

State government thinks it is acceptable to strong-arm sheriffs into ignoring the federal immigration laws. When an oath is taken to uphold the law; that means all of them.

The rule of law still applies, and so does separation of powers and judicial review. State and local policymakers must accept that they are not in any position to pick and choose which laws they will honor and which laws they will ignore.

Law enforcement and public safety go hand in hand, and I continue to stand behind that credo.

Identity politics was created to charm and manipulate an unwitting community of people into dependency; brainwashing them into believing socialist rhetoric to get their votes. It is not about empowering people; it is about keeping them reliant on government by dangling the carrots of free college, driver’s licenses, free health benefits, free legal aid and sanctuary status. In the end, this will surely backfire, and we all be the ones who suffer.

On Monday July 15th at the Old Bridge Council meeting, Councilwoman Dr Anita Greenberg Belli and I will be cosponsoring a resolution  to authorize the Township attorney to file a federal lawsuit against Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration, over an immigration directive that prohibits state, county and local law enforcement agencies from engaging in routine acts of cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Public Safety is our priority, not identity politics.

Mark Razzoli, Old Bridge Councilman