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I hope you’re sitting down for this one

Cory Booker has released his immigration plan and it calls for providing lawyers to illegal immigrants to game the court system and gain access to America. New jersey politics 2

I’ve had it with Cory Booker!

His lawyers for illegals scheme would reward human smugglers and demoralize millions of people around the world who are waiting in line to enter our country legally.

Instead every detention center and immigration court would have lawyers ready to exploit the loopholes in our laws that Democrats like Booker refuse to fix.

To put it simply: Booker is hellbent on flooding our country with illegal immigrants, creating a new class of government dependents, and buying their votes for the Democrat Party for generations.

Step up NOW with a contribution of at least $30 to help me fight Booker's Lawyers for Illegals scheme.

Of course, Booker’s lawyers for illegals scheme conveniently excludes any mention of who will pay for these lawyers.  

You and I can guess that it won’t be drug cartels, human smugglers, or the illegal immigrants themselves.  It will be U.S. taxpaying citizens, like you and I coughing up billions of dollars to liberal activist lawyers.

This is insanity.

Left unchecked, Booker will connive his opponents in the Democrat presidential circus into supporting his plan as well.

But together we must stop them.

Step up NOW with a contribution of at least $30 to help me fight Booker’s Lawyers for Illegals scheme once and for all.

Thank you,

Hirsh Singh
Republican for U.S. Senate
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