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( 4, 2019)--Cybercrime is on the rise, and despite what many people might think, the biggest companies in the world are not immune to it. They are being targeted left, right, and center. Even companies like Facebook, who spend a lot of time, money, and resources to keep their security top-notch, were hacked just last year.

Small and medium-sized businesses, however, are at the most risk. Yes, the bigger fish are the massive multi-million dollar (or even multi-billion) companies, but they have tougher security. So for a cybercriminal, small and medium-sized businesses are easy targets.

That is why you need to follow this guide to prevent your business from being a victim of cybercriminals.


How Can Your Business Become a Victim of Cybercrime?

There are three main ways that your business could become a victim of cybercrime:


Endpoint Weakness


Endpoints refer to the devices that connect to your company’s server. Phones, laptops, desktops, and even smartwatches can all carry a risk. By installing the right security and training your employees on how to safely navigate the internet, you can reduce the risk of an endpoint weakness being exploited.


Old and Outdated Programs


If you don’t use an old program on your system, then delete it and get rid of every trace of it. Alternatively, if you use it occasionally, then you will need to go through and keep it updated. Old and outdated programs are a huge risk when it comes to your company because they have weaknesses that can be hacked into by criminals.


Passwords Stolen


Enforce a unique password rule for all of your employees. When accessing your servers, they should not use that password for anything else. This way, if their information is hacked elsewhere, the hack will not give these criminals a golden key to your data.


Keep a Backup


If you absolutely need something, then back it up in at least three locations offline. This way, you make your essential data redundant in a space where digital hackers cannot access it. You do need to be careful to ensure that these physical copies are cared for, secure, and in different locations.

What Can You Do If You Have Already Been a Victim?


Investigate the Breach


If you have already been the victim of cybercrime, then your first step is to invest in a data breach investigation from Secure Forensics. It is the best way to determine what the weak spot in your security was, and then take steps to improve it.


Make Improvements


Once you know where the breach occurred, it is time to make improvements. The investigation process should also unearth several other weaknesses in your system, making it a worthwhile effort and essential to secure your business for the future.

Work on Rebuilding Trust


You cannot rest when it comes to your security. Every day new tools are created by hackers to make it easier to steal data, but thankfully just as frequently, new security updates and algorithms are also created to stop these attacks. Fortunately for us, cyber security is always one step ahead, and so long as you stay one step ahead, you minimize the risk of criminal activity affecting your business.

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