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How to Create Extra Storage Space for Your Belongings

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(Gloucestercitynews.net)(July 26, 2019)--Whether you’ve just inherited a large number of belongings from a deceased family member, or you’ve downscaled your home, and you have found that you own too many things to store there, there are plenty of scenarios in life during which we need a little more storage space. This article takes a sweeping overview of some of the ways in which you can create this space for yourself – on a permanent or temporary basis – to ensure that you don’t have to live in a cluttered home that’s hoarded too many belongings.

Storage Containers

With a similar shape and size to shipping containers, mi box west is one provider of the storage crates that can fit conveniently onto a home’s driveway or a parking space in front of your home. These containers are secure and weather-proof, which means you can store whatever you wish in them for as long as you wish. They’re often used for individuals in the process of moving home – but can also be used if you’re changing your furniture, or preparing to sell many of your life-long possessions.

Garden Space

In the rear of your property, if you have a garden, you have an opportunity to create some storage space out of your land. This doesn’t involve a household extension – these can be lengthy and costly to construct – but it does involve construction. By building a wooden summerhouse or shed in your back garden, you’ll be able to store plenty of belongings outside of your home for long periods of time, should you need to.

Convert Attic Space

You’ll be surprised at how much room is taken up in your home simply by the space that your slanted roof occupies. While it’s not quite enough space, in many cases, to construct an extra bedroom, it’s often perfect for storing a large number of your possessions. Converting this space couldn’t be easier: you should look online for tips on how to ensure the floor is stable and secure, but once that’s installed, you can begin slowly moving up your superfluous belongings to the upper recesses of your home.

Space-Saving Furniture

While larger possessions will need to be stored in their own container or room, if you’ve found yourself drowning in a sea of clutter over the past few months, it might be time to consider some innovative and space-saving solutions that can help you store more belongings out of sight in the interior of your home. You can draw inspiration from the internet here – where plenty of individuals have been proud to show off how they have managed to save space.

External Rented Space

Your final option – and perhaps the costliest in the long-term – is to rent a storage box in a storage facility. These boxes can be rented by the day, month, or year, and come in various shapes and sizes. They’re a great option for getting things you don’t need off your property, but you can find that the bills become difficult to justify after some months in storage.

These five tips are all designed to help you save space in your home by creating storage space that’ll declutter your life.