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Mary E. Martin of Westville, age 76
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NYPD Officer Attacked by Harlem Community

Published on Jul 23, 2019
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HARLEM, NY--The NYPD is looking into an incident in Harlem in which a group of people doused a police officer with water. Video that surfaced Monday showed an officer who was making an arrest being drenched, though clearly not assaulted in a manner that was likely to result in injury. The video from the incident over the weekend had no context, not indicating what preceded or followed it. The officer had buckets of water and then the bucket thrown at him. He did not appear to react to it. "It's not acceptable for anyone to resist arrest," said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio "It's not acceptable for anyone to interfere with the NYPD when they are effectuating an arrest. Throwing things at NYPD officers is not only not acceptable, it can lead to charges." Read more: Check out more Eyewitness News -
published | July 26,2019