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Everything You Need To Know About Hunting In New Jersey

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(Gloucestercitynews.net)(July 30, 2019)--If you have just started a new hobby hunting in New Jersey, you’ll need to have some basic knowledge about the area and participating in the sport before you start. Hunting laws vary from state to state so it’s always wise to read up on the regulations and understand all the do’s and don’ts in this part of the world first.


New Jersey has over 500,000 acres of public land with a diverse range of habitats and species. You’ll need to know which game animal you’re after as the hunting seasons vary depending on which breed you choose. There are a large variety of hunting game animals that can be found in the state of New Jersey.


Migratory Birds

Due to its coastal location, New Jersey has a regular influx of migratory birds such as ducks and geese and the season usually ranges from November to January. The weather is always pretty cold during that time of year so you’ll probably need some good quality clothing. Merino Wool provides incredible insulation and can be purchased in an ideal camouflage pattern.



Probably the most popular species to hunt in New Jersey, the hunting season takes place during the winter and is split between bow, shotgun, and muzzleloading rifle. You’ll find bag limitations in place to control numbers and manage the number of animals left in the wild.


Rabbits and Hares

Small game animals such as rabbits and hares can also be found in this area. During the winter season, there is usually a daily limit in place, depending on the variety. Small game can be difficult to hunt so having a successful day out is not always guaranteed.


Black Bear

Hunting big game animals like black bears is usually restricted wherever you are in America and the same rule applies for the state of New Jersey. It can be quite difficult to gain a permit to hunt black bears, a lottery is held before the winter season and any remaining permits are sold online.


A hunter safety course must be completed by any individual who has never had a hunting license in the past and although it is compulsory for beginners, it’s a wonderful way to refresh your current knowledge or build on the experience you already have. Learning about all the responsibilities and safety precautions you have to take on can be incredibly educational.


When you have all these bases covered and have your equipment at the ready, it’ll be time to go out and enjoy your new-found activity. It’s advised to go along with an established group to start off with or hire a guide that knows exactly where they’re going. You’ll likely have more success in the field and won’t get lost along the way.


Pack for a long day ahead with lots of food and supplies. The weather will change throughout the day so have multiple layers available and a spare outfit in case you get wet.

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