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5 Major Health Benefits of Exercise Bikes


(Gloucestercitynews.net)(July 17, 2019)--Exercise bikes have started their own revolution with millions of people swearing by there many benefits. There are now fitness studios and franchises dedicated to solely indoor biking and its various variations. You can also find multiple stationary bikes in every gym with trainers stressing the importance of including biking in workouts. The above are only some examples of how biking has become an important part of exercise and has a growing number of followers who only bike as a form of exercise. In the following article, we are going to discuss the benefits of biking that make it a popular form of exercise. 


1. Aids in Weight Loss

The first and the most obvious benefit of riding exercise bikes is that they are great to burn those extra calories. There are many fitness studios that are now focusing on weight loss through exercise bikes. This proves that this is a reliable method to lose weight and also have fun on the way with your fellow workout friends. If you don’t want to join a cycling fitness class then you can buy one from a range of indoor training bikes available and practice on your own with upbeat songs in the background to cheer you up. Riding a bike for thirty minutes can burn up to 300 calories according to an average person’s weight.


2. Helps in Toning

If you want to tone your leg and calf muscles then there is nothing better than cycling up a storm on a regular basis. When you are pedaling, you get a complete leg workout with your glutes, calves and quads working continuously as you propel the bike. This is the reason all cyclists have great legs. Your joint mobility improves too because cycling benefits the range of motion of the same. Therefore, your ankles, knees and hip joints will be strengthened. In addition, if you are also working the handlebar then your upper body gets a proper workout as well.


3. Strengthens Your Muscles

Another key benefit of riding stationary bike is that they are great in strengthening your important muscle groups that provide support to your back, thigh and legs. The pushing and pulling down motion of pedaling helps strengthen your quads and hamstrings respectively. Also, it has been proven that indoor training bikes can cause less wear and tear on your knees as compared to outdoor bikes. This is because of the terrain difference as indoor bikes are on even terrain.


4. Convenience

The best part about buying an exercise bike is the shear convenience it provides you to workout. In case, you can’t visit the gym or if the weather is not good for a run, your indoor bike can easily take care of your workout needs without much hassle. Also, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time for a proper workout session, an hour on an indoor bike is enough to keep you fit and in good shape.


5. Gives You an Energy Boost

According to a recent study that was published in a journal, biking can improve energy levels by twenty percent and also decrease fatigue by sixty five percent. This is because cycling makes your brain release a hormone called dopamine that is responsible for your happiness and energy. Therefore, not only biking makes you happier but it also gives you an energy boost. When you start your day with a session of indoor biking, you remain more active throughout the day and also feel good about yourself.


The above benefits should convince you to buy an indoor bike and start biking as soon as possible. We guarantee you will enjoy the experience similar to the millions of people who have joined a biking revolution. You can bike outdoors too but biking inside will be easier in the longer run.