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LAWRENCEVILLE – ( 24,2019Exactly one week ago Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan challenged US Senator Cory Booker to accept only one contribution per donor. It’s a simple challenge, if one contributes to his presidential campaign he doesn’t accept a Cnb politics 2contribution from the same donor to his senatorial campaign.


“I would think for a man so concerned with fairness Senator Booker would have jumped at the chance to accept my challenge of only one contribution per donor,” Tricia Flanagan said. “I guess he’s just waiting to see if his vanity presidential campaign catches on.”


“Considering it says on his presidential campaign website that he wants to ‘create a more fair and just nation for everyone,’ I have to wonder what Mr. Booker finds fair or just about having the ability to use his vanity presidential campaign to build a nationwide donor list for his senatorial campaign.” Flanagan added, “Apparently being fair is nothing more than campaign rhetoric to Cory Booker.”


“I’m waiting for your answer Mr. Booker and with about a year until the primary election I’m not going away,” Flanagan said.


Flanagan asked, “Which is it Senator Booker, are you going to do the right thing or are you going to refuse to do what is fair and just?”


“Mr. Booker, you can’t have it both ways anymore,” Flanagan said.