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Taylor Swift: “Be Like Cory.” “I Think Not,” Says Tricia Flanagan

Flanagan: “Equality Act is an assault on women’s rights.” Cnb politics 2

 LAWRENCEVILLE – “Pander, pander, pander, should be the slogan of Cory Booker’s vanity presidential campaign and pandering is exactly what he was doing when he signed pop star Taylor Swift’s petition supporting the Equality Act,” Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Tricia Flanagan, said.

According to Billboard Cory Booker sent a note to Taylor Swift “thanking her for her efforts” in support of the Equality Act. Swift called on her fans to “be like Cory” in an Instagram post that went viral.


“This is a poorly named bill, there is nothing equal about the Equality Act, of which Senator Booker happens to be a co-sponsor, it goes entirely too far,” Tricia Flanagan said. “Frankly, the Equality Act is an assault on women’s rights.”


“As a mother of three children I don’t want a biological male using the same restroom as one of my daughters, nor do I want a biological female in the locker room with my son after lacrosse practice.” Flanagan continued, “I know of no other mother who wants these things.”


Flanagan added, “The Equality Act is a total assault on Title IX, look at recent news articles where biological males won championships in female athletics. How is that even remotely fair!


Flanagan asked, “What about women’s shelters?


“Barely a year ago nine women in California filed a lawsuit because they say they were forced to shower with a transgender woman who sexually harassed them,” Flanagan remarked.


“From pandering to a pop star to stumping for votes with Governor Murphy despite his dismal track record on women’s rights – from the shoddy conditions the Governor forced on professional women soccer players and burying his head in the sand when faced with allegations of sexual assault of a staffer – it’s no wonder Cory Booker has no problem aggressively supporting legislation that is an assault on the rights of women,” Flanagan said. “Maybe Mr. Booker should stop pandering and while I wait for the pandering to stop, I’ll renew my call for him to end his vanity presidential campaign and come home to discuss the issues important to New Jerseyans. I’m ready when he is,” Flanagan said.

published | June 14, 2019