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The Maple Shade Parade and Fireworks Display are NO DRONE ZONES...




Residents and attendees are reminded that the annual 4th of July Parade route on Main Street, and High School grounds during the Fireworks, on Saturday, June 29th,are designated *NO DRONE ZONES*.  

Unless you possess specific FAA exemptions, some key reminders are as follows:

  1. Never fly over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people.
  2. Never fly near emergencies such as any type of accident response, law enforcement activities, firefighting, or hurricane recovery efforts.
  3. Never fly at night.
  4. Fly your drone at or below 400 feet when in uncontrolled or "Class G" airspace. This is airspace where the FAA is not controlling manned air traffic. To determine what type of airspace you are in, refer to the mobile application that operates your drone (if so equipped) and/or use other drone-related mobile applications. Knowing your location and what airspace you're in will also help you avoid interfering with other aircraft.
  5. Keep your drone within your line of sight, or within the visual line-of-sight of a visual observer who is co-located and in direct communication with you.
  6. Do NOT fly in airspace where flight is prohibited. Airspace restrictions can be found on our interactive map, and temporary flight restrictions can be found here. Drone operators are responsible for ensuring they comply with all airspace restrictions.
  7. Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Recreational flyers should know that if they intentionally violate any of these safety requirements, and/or operate in a careless and reckless manner, they could be liable for criminal and/or civil penalties.

The Maple Shade Police Department will take any appropriate action for identified violations, which may include drone seizure, notification to the FAA, and/or enforcement of state and local statutes.  

Please refer to the FAA's website for available resource materials should you be interested in learning more about the safe operation of unmanned aircraft systems (drones).

Maple Shade Township Police Department
200 N Stiles Ave
Maple Shade Township, NJ 08052

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 856-234-8300