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Letters to the Editor: What Has Cory Booker Done in the Past Six Years? Nothing!

It’s been six years that Cory Booker has been in office, and what does New Jersey have to show for it? NOTHING. Guest op 3

That’s why I support Hirsh Singh and am a part of the Singh for Senate Team. I want a leader who will put New Jersey first, not a politician who only cares about himself and his political ambitions.

Booker’s legacy is opposition to strict constructionist judges, support for the Green New Deal, and a new proposal to give every newborn in America — legal and illegal — a so-called “baby bond” worth tens of thousands of dollars.

I’m SICK of it! And now I’m asking you to help us, the Singh for Senate Team, by making a contribution of just $35.


Your contribution is the first step to getting Hirsh Singh elected and getting Cory Booker out of Washington for good!

Remember you aren’t alone in this battle; 43% of the state already agree it’s time for Cory Booker to come home.

If you are ready to bring Booker home and send Singh to fight for us please make a contribution of $35 today!

We can do this together,

Mike B.
A Concerned Citizen of New Jersey.

published | June 10, 2019