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How to use your Washing Machine


( 30, 2019)--If you are planning to invest in a new washing machine, you should know more than just the cleaning part.  First, you have to decide on the type of washing Consumer news 3
machine you prefer. It could be an old-style top loader, a top loader that lacks an agitator, and so on. When it comes to budgeting, a standard machine would cost around $400 to above $1,700. Ensure the machine you choose has cleaning features that will benefit you. Here's what to consider when it comes to your preferable appliance.

Laundry room size

Most standard washers usually range from 24 to 30 inches wide. Apart from bulkiness, some machines might require a tape measure to ascertain their width. Also, know the size of your space for the machine to fit well since some are bulky with fronts adding to the width. The washer has to fit through the entries or doorways towards the room. For a smaller place, there could be limiting factors like a washer door that bangs into the wall upon every opening. As a result, you can choose different types of washers like the Maytag mhw3505fw to fit your super-narrow space. You can read plenty of maytag mhw3505fw reviews online to get a better idea about them.

A laundry room that isn't in the basement

You have to properly reinforce your floor to hold the weight of the machines. Some people love quiet models with vibration- reducing features to reduce noise during the spin cycle. Due to this, your life will have fewer disruptions caused by appliances. If fashion is your thing, you can go for colored machines, especially if you mind what your visitors might see. 

If you want to spend less

No matter how small your budget is, it doesn't automatically mean you will get a low-performing machine. However, you'll probably get fewer elegant features. Also, don't be easily persuaded by trendy colored appliances since they will be more expensive. Opting for a white model can make you save around $150 to $200. With old no-frill top loaders, you are sure of saving some cash although they use more energy to run. 

Water and electricity preservation

Front loaders consume less water while traditional top loaders use more water to fill up entirely during the wash and rinse cycles. You can go to the Energy Star make to minimize electrical energy and water usage. Likewise, go through the Energy Guide labels of machines to compare their energy consumption level. But your actual costs will depend on your area's utility costs and usage. Again, Look for a washing machine with special stain-remover, has presoaking cycles and a steam feature.


A washing machine is an essential household appliance that saves time and energy. It's hard to wash your clothes manually, especially during chilly weathers hence the need for a washing machine. These appliances come in different sizes and designs to fit your space and needs. Whether you go for Maytag mhw3505fw machine or any other brand, you will achieve the results you desire. With the help of detergents, cloth washers help separate and rinse the dirt away from your clothes.