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Former Lower Township Police Lt. Arrested for DUI

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (June 24, 2019)--We received a Tip on Sunday about and incident involving a former Lower Township Police Lieutenant named Down the shore 1John Chew who was arrested for drunk driving last year in April 2018. 
His blood alcohol level, according to the informant was  4.5 times the legal limit! It seems that the arrest happened over a year ago, but somehow word never got out about it to anyone or any media outlet until earlier today.
HD body cam footage of the entire arrest, and the story generally, were both released today (Sunday, June 23) by the YouTube channel Real World Police.
Thought you'd want to know.
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 12.29.09
John Chew
We contacted the Lower Township Police Department for a comment about the allegation. A response was received from Captain Martin Biersbach. 

"Sir, Lt. Chew no longer works for or is being paid by the Lower Township police Department.  We made every effort to assist Lt Chew with his issues but were unsuccessful. We take our officers behaviors serious on and off duty.  My understanding is that a retirement has been filed for but I have no additional information beyond that.  We wish him well in the future.  If I can be of further assistance feel free to contact me."

The video the person was referring to is below.

To read the transcript of the report click here
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