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Deptford: Massive Million+ Sq Ft Warehouse Project Proposed Alongside Kinsley Landfill and Rt 41 (42Freeway)

DeptfordWarehouseTwo Massive Warehouses being proposed for Deptford NJ;  893,000 sq ft and 179,000 sq ft.

Several weeks ago 42Freeway learned that new Ohio based owner of 100+ acres in Deptford Township located off of Rt 41 (wedged between the landfill, 55 and 41) is working on a massive 2 warehouse building project;  the largest is almost 900,000 sq ft and the second is close to 200,000.   We’ve held off on posting until now as we filed an OPRA request with the Gloucester County Planning board to get the proposed sketches, which we share with readers here.  I have the full set with additional details and I present the keys ones here.

Access roads seem to be proposed for both Route 41 (Hurfville) and Route 47 (Delsea).

Read the full article with additional project details and siteplans over at 42Freeway.com