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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': What'cha Gonna Do?

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor


   OutsidersI’ve known quite a few Bad Boys in my life. And they’ve known me.


   Before you get all judgmental let me explain that there is no hidden meaning to this statement. It’s just that I’m the type of lady that attracts—and is attracted to—all the wrong kind of fellows.


A good example would be my husband, rest his soul. We enjoyed twenty-one happy but tumultuous years of marriage. He was my diamond in the rough, my slightly tarnished knight in shining armor. He rocked. Then, he passed away. Now, although I’m not currently interested in dating I still admire a certain type of man. It’s like a diabetic looking at the donuts, knowing they aren’t good for him.


Say there are two gentlemen at the Post Office. One is in a suit. He is clean shaven, age-appropriate, and wearing a diamond pinkie ring. The other is in a Metallica tee shirt, sports a pony tail, and has a tattoo on his calf. Guess which one I start a conversation with? You guessed it: Mr. Hetfield/Ulrich Metalhead is my next mistake. 


If I meet a man and he says, “Hello, Lady. Would you please be my date at a fine dining establishment next Saturday night?” I’d probably say no. But, let a slightly gamey rocker wearing boots approach me and say, “Babe. Beer?” and I’m all about texting my kids to let them know I’m “seeing someone”.


  This is why I’m taking a date-break. A long one.


I wonder if there’s a group for this affliction. Maybe called “Bad Choices Anonymous”, or “What Are You, Nuts?” or something like that. If there is such a group, please let me know.


Until then, my dating life is shelved until I’m seventy and can make better lifestyle choices.


I’m sixty-eight years old.


  So that’s six hundred sixteen days from now.


Just Sayin’,

Dawn Watson


Photograph: (Internet source) Two members of the cast of "Outsiders" television series.


published | June 24, 2019