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Booker’s Cnb politics 2 50 Shades of PAC Money


LAWRENCEVILLE – As progressives around New Jersey complain that Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo and South Jersey political powerbroker George Norcross are co-hosting a fundraiser for US Senator Cory Booker’s vanity presidential campaign today the one thing they continue to ignore is that Booker’s pledge not to accept PAC money is disingenuous.


Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan said, “It’s easy for Senator Booker to pledge not to accept PAC money when he’s attending a fundraiser co-hosted by the man most political observers view as the person connected to the General Majority PAC.”


Flanagan asked, “How many donors to General Majority will be at today’s fundraiser?”


“Let’s not forget Governor Murphy held a fundraiser at his home for Booker earlier this year,” Flanagan added, “One has to wonder how many donors to New Direction New Jersey, the ‘dark money’ group Murphy has solicited funds for, wrote checks at that event.”


“My point is, it’s easy to say you won’t accept PAC money when you have the people raising money for PACs raising money for you. It makes Mr. Booker’s no PAC money pledge disingenuous. Frankly, I’m surprised Cory Booker’s fellow progressives haven’t figured it out,” Flanagan stated.


“Perhaps this kind of dishonesty is why when you do as a Booker campaign email suggests and ‘check out Street Fight, the story of Cory’s first campaign for Mayor of Newark’ you learn that ‘Jesse Jackson comes to town and calls Cory a wolf in Sheep’s clothing,’” Flanagan remarked. “Obviously, there was a time activists on the left could see through Mr. Booker’s deceitfulness.”


“Given the fact that Mr. Booker has created his own personal loophole to get around taking PAC money it could be time for a new ‘50 Shades’ movie. We could call it ‘Booker’s 50 Shades of PAC Money,’” Flanagan said.