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CNB Political News: Before Tonight’s Debate

Tonight is the first night of two in which 10 of the 20 Democratic presidential candidates will have their first primary debate. Cnb politics 2

This circus of candidates is so large that they had to split it into two nights to make sure every single candidate had their opportunity to lay out every policy possible to pander to the American people. They are even holding the debate in Miami to try to get the Hispanic vote in Florida while pushing their open border policies and free everything else to ILLEGAL immigrants!

But, before they get on stage tonight, I want to remind you of a few of the far left policies that Booker and the other candidates want to force on you and that I am fighting against:

Open borders and free college education and NJ licenses to every ILLEGAL immigrant

2. Free healthcare for all (no mention on how it would be paid for)
3. Eliminate the Second Amendment rights by banning assault weapons, high capacity magazines and bump stocks
4. Support the Green New Deal
5. Eliminate the Electoral College
6. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour
7. Raise your taxes, especially your capital gains tax and estate tax to pay for all these socialist programs

While Booker and the rest of the far left get on stage and promise you the world, with no actual plans on how to do so, I’m here every day fighting for our Country and especially New Jersians.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT to make sure these radical left policies never see the light of day.

I am running as a Republican for the United States Senate, not only because I love our country and want to help our President, but to make sure YOU nevCfdf8337-e804-418d-808d-3fa24b314742er have to deal with these radical left policies.

Thank you,

Hirsh Singh
Republican for U.S. Senate
For the People