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CHERRY HILL - NJ CD-1 GOP candidate Josh Duvall released the following statement:

“Something interesting, or rather ironic, is unfolding right here in South Jersey.”

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“With hard-line Democrats clamoring over a laundry list (I’m told it’s very long) of Trump abuses, including ‘Russian Collusion’ - it seems their response to the well documented Norcross Economic Development Authority tax break scheme, is a collective yawn.”


“While elitist, establishment Democrats continue to clutch pearls at the possibility of American democracy slowly dying under the Trump administration; they don’t bat an eye when confronted with this simple truth: democracy is already dead in South Jersey, and has been for decades.”

“We can't blame the local media for this. In this case they very clearly are not the enemy of the people. Collectively, they’ve spilled plenty of ink detailing the long history of alleged (and more recently documented) abuses of power and tax dollars in our state by the ever expanding Norcross machine.”

"I am left asking voters care?"

“I understand why President Trump is an easy target for criticism, but in New Jersey Donald Trump should be the least worrisome thing for Democrats who care about corruption. Losing by more than 14 points in 2016, it’s not like the Garden State helped him win the presidency. And right now, New Jersey does not seem to be in play for Trump in 2020 either. So why are New Jersey’s partisan Democrats so quick to point out all the ways Trump (someone they frankly have no control over electing President) is abusing his elected office, while blatantly ignoring the documented abuses of the unelected Norcross?”

“Simply put, while self-proclaimed ‘Defenders of Democracy’ Democrats move all their troops to the front lines of battle against the always advancing Trump empire, one of their very own kindly carves out his own corrupt kingdom in friendly territory; allegedly squeezing $1.1 Billion tax dollars from our state’s already over-squeezed taxpayers.”


“Most voters know it’s happening. But the question remains; do any of them care enough to fight for change?”

ABOUT: Duvall received his bachelors in Management, concentrating in Finance and Marketing from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and his Executive Degree in Financial Planning from the Fischer School of Business at The Ohio State University. Duvall currently runs his own financial planning and accounting business, and works with other organizations managing their marketing and online content. He also works with several non-profits, sits on the Cherry Hill GOP committee, volunteers with youth sports, and is actively involved in his local church. Duvall is a cancer survivor and is married with two young children.




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