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A Gift Guide For The Sports Fanatic

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( 10, 2019)--Whether you need to buy a present for a birthday, for Christmas or for another special occasion, finding a gift for someone special in your life can be a real challenge. The good news is that if they are sports fan, there are loads of different options that you can choose from. Whether that special someone loves baseball, basketball or football, or maybe something a little different, here are some top ideas that are going to help you make your loved one’s day even better.

Football Themed Barbecue Tools

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What do all men love? Barbecuing of course! There’s something truly manly about tending a barbecue, even when standing under an umbrella as the rain pours down! If someone special in your life has twin passions for football and for grilling, the ideal gift comes in the form of some football themed grilling tools. With football shaped handles, you can find grill brushes and spatulas as well as corn holders – the ultimate summer accessories!

A Cooler Chair

An absolute brilliant gift for any kind of sports fan has to be a cooler chair. Combining the convenience of a seat with the essential cooler to take your cans to the game, this combo gift is an all-in-one solution for getting as much fun as possible out of every single sporting event. You can even get your chair personalized with the name of the recipient, so it will never get lost!

A Basketball Mug

This gift is really fun even for someone who isn’t a huge basketball fan. A giant mug with a basketball hoop attached on one side to throw your marshmallows through – what could be more fun! Whether you’re serving up hot chocolate for breakfast or for a bedtime treat, this mug is an indulgent and exciting present for any sports fan.

A Sports Facts Calendar

Is the sports fan in your life a fount of knowledge when it comes to fun sporting facts? Are they always at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to sports quizzes? You can help them to maintain their position by giving them a sports facts calendar. They’ll learn something new about sports every single day of the year to add to the wealth of information in their heads.

A Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps giving, so why not delight the sports fan in your life with a year’s subscription to Sports Illustrated Magazine? It’s a super simple gift to arrange, and there isn’t even any wrapping required!

A Sports Team Phone Case

Whichever your loved one’s favorite sports team is, you’re sure to be able to find a phone case with their name and logo. Make sure you get the type of phone right though!

A Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Everyone needs a bottle opener to open their beer when they’re watching the game. Now you can impress the golf lover in your life with a simple yet practical gift – a bottle opener with a golf ball decoration! You can find baseball, football and tennis ball bottle openers too – perfect for all types of sports fanatic.

Sports Accessories

Does the recipient prefer to play rather than to watch their sport of choice? No problem. Why not choose a gift which they can use whenever they play or practice their favorite activity. Some new golf tees for a keen golfer, a pair of quality goggles for a swimmer or a pair of knee sleeves for a keen basketballer (you can read these tips on about how to choose the right knee sleeves online) would all be great choices.

Sports Clothing

Whether your intended recipient loves to play or to watch their favorite sport, buying them sports-themed clothing is sure to impress. A baseball cap, jersey, t-shirt or even a pair of slippers with the logo of their favorite team is sure to see plenty of use over the years to come.

These are all great gift ideas for a sports fan in your life. So, whether you’re choosing a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Father’s Day gift, you’re sure to get all the inspiration you need to choose a present right here.