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Why is it Still Fashionable to Read? 


(May 29, 2019)--Science supports the idea that reading is ideal for good health. Unfortunately, not many people value the tradition of reading. A lot of individuals admit to not reading books often, and this is a worrying trend. Books are filled with wisdom and are a fountain of knowledge. You need this to not only jog your brain but also learn more. Research alludes that people who read books are poised to have a better life and health than those who don't and are better placed in society. At least, this should give you the impetus to get into the reading cycle.


There are tons of books available from different sources. Some you may feel lazy to search for the appropriate text, but luckily, some sites offer book summaries for you to choose the one that matches your interest the most. For instance, you can check out a summary on animal farm 7 commandments before getting the book. This gives you an overview of what the animal farm is about and what the commandments present. You can adjust your search to focus on summaries that either provide in-depth or shallow information about a book. Thanks to changes in technology in this contemporary world, many have shifted their approach from books. Majority view reading books as archaic, which is a wrong notion. The following reasons should give you the motivation to change your mind: 

You’ll live longer

Believe it or not, recent research has portrayed the truth about increasing lifespan through reading. According to Yale research, which queried 3,635 individuals, those who read for at least 30 minutes in a day lived about 23 months longer than those who never read at all. Aside from improving your vocabulary and concentration span, books widen your cognitive functions, thus making you live longer.

It can make you successful

Success is closely linked with reading since it is a self-improvement trait. If you listen to most people's journeys to prosperity, a considerable percentage lies in the books they read. Many people gain knowledge in various fields, including politics, business, and health, from books. This is why people should read more. Therefore, if you need ideas on what to do to make it in life, read a book. 

Boosts creativity and open-mindedness 

Don't hold your brain in a cocoon but instead, let it free. One sure way to do this is studying. Articles help to keep your mind active, thus making you open-minded and creative. Creativity doesn't just occur but is a result of constant knowledge gained through comprehension. Fictitious content, to be more precise, is the best to help you understand different topics and shift your thinking for the better. 

Increases your intelligence 

There is a close relationship between reading and intelligence, which you need to appreciate. Gaining intelligence goes with studying different texts. The internet isn't enough for resource, as many would assume. Books have a firmer foundation for research. Besides, some content on the internet is hogwash and can mislead you through offering corrupted information.

Books are a good pass time 

Libraries and resource centers are filled with captivating literature. Sometimes you need something interesting to help you pass the time. Yes, people study to gain knowledge and widen their scope of discernment, but it is equally fine to read just out of interest. Be it a storybook or a fiction novel; there are a lot of texts that give you a chance to enjoy a good time. Take, for instance, the animal farm commandments before and after. There is a lot to learn, but at the same time, enjoy and pass the time.

Keeps you off toxic content 

The world is full of a lot of "poison" that destroys the mind and soul. Whether on the television or the internet, you won't lack content that is gibberish. Why settle for mediocrity when you deserve better? Not that everything on the internet and TV is wrong, but most content doesn't help you grow. Instead of wasting your time receiving negatives, you can spend it elsewhere in your study room maybe or a library. A book will add more value to your brain than what you view using technology tools. 

It is a chance to learn life skills 

Are you wondering how to learn the basics of life? Well, reading is your answer. Many fictitious and non-fictitious titles act as a primary life coaching tool. When you witness the animal farm changed commandment, you can easily apply what you read in life. A lot of other articles and books have one or two things for you to sample out as a lesson. In most scenarios, you will get an in-depth understanding of skills such as patience, perseverance, wisdom, contentment, and love, among many others.

Most content originates from books

This is for those who think, like this article’s title, that books are old-fashioned. They might be outdated and surpassed by the web, but still, most if not all of that info emanates from books. The only difference is that the information from the internet is digital and can be accessed through mobile devices, while the latter is analog. If you are keen, you’ll notice sites online having references. Most of these references are pegged on books so that you know. So, why not get first-hand knowledge through reading books? 

No one knows everything, but the one who reads a lot is more educated. Read as much as possible and you will unwittingly broaden your horizons. 

published | May 29, 2019