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The Best Way to Go About Hiring and Treating an Escort

If you’ve never thought about or attempted to hire an escort before in your life, you’re bound to be a bit nervous. After all, you don’t know what the experience is going to be like, and you should never base your expectations based on what Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 8.59.44 you hear from others. Any experience you have with an escort should be an exquisite encounter that is sexually-fulfilling as well.

To ensure that you have a great experience, you must go about it in the right manner. This means learning about the etiquettes of treating an escort as well. Remember, they are human beings as well with feelings of their own and you must be aware of the proper way to go about it, to ensure that your date is a pleasant experience for both parties.

We’re going to share with you about what you should expect when hiring an escort, and about common etiquettes, you need to keep in mind. These pointers will allow you to feel relaxed and enjoy an evening that you’ll remember for a long time. All set to become the ideal client? Here is what you need to know.

  1. Research Thoroughly

If you’re serious about purchasing escort services, you should go online to get familiar with the customs and lingo of the trade. Escort agencies have websites of their own with menus that will clearly show what you can and can’t purchase. The websites can be subtle about their services, and may not mention sex directly, but will highlight what you can expect from your purchase. This article highlights why you need to do your research first.

Make sure that you understand all the rules and regulations and don’t stray from them. This means not asking the escort for services that she doesn’t provide, or you didn’t pay for. Behave. 

  1. No Photographs Allowed

You shouldn’t be cheeky and try to sneak photographs of the escort unless she specifically tells you to take them. That also goes for activities that may take place in the bedroom. Her trade is her body, and you taking photographs of her will compromise her services and its exclusivity. Apart from that, taking public photos of the escort may also endanger her private or professional relationships. So, don’t try to take pictures for bragging rights.

  1. Pay the Amount Agreed Upon

The time you spend with an escort will be based on a cost that is already agreed-upon. This means paying the money in cash, upfront, and you shouldn’t take offense if she steps aside to count it. That doesn’t mean she thinks you’re a cheat, she’s only checking to ensure that everything is as it was agreed upon. You shouldn’t talk finances or try to haggle with your date. After you’ve purchased an encounter, the cost is non-negotiable, so don’t embarrass yourself.

Don’t linger or try to get any free time once the date is over, because the schedule of an escort is extremely tight. So be prompt and polite when you arrive and leave. Keep in mind that this is still a business transaction for her, and even though it’s a memorable evening for you, she will still expect to be paid for this encounter. Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.6.08

  1. Don’t Invite Others

When you hire the services of an escort, don’t try to be clever and invite your friends over. Unless it has been previously agreed, the contract is only between you and the escort. Surprising her with an extra person isn’t going to work, as your friends won’t get anything for free, and your escort may well leave.

  1. Be on Your Best Behavior

Don’t get the wrong impression that just because you’ve paid for an escort, you’ve bought her as well. You must treat her like a normal date because you’ve only purchased her service. Treat her with great respect and avoid plying yourself with alcohol or taking drugs before you meet. Your escort will feel unsafe if you exhibit poor or aggressive behavior, and you can also be blacklisted from ever buying escort services again.

  1. Practice Good Hygiene

When you purchase the services of a professional escort, you’re assured that she is going to make you feel incredible by going above and beyond. You should return her the favor by being in your best condition. This means showering, shaving, wearing deodorant, and put on some nice clothes. Be presentable and don’t forget to brush your hair and your teeth. An escort can refuse a client for any reason and showing up unkempt and looking dirty is one that counts.

  1. Always Wear a Condom

This shouldn’t even be mentioned, but some people try to be slack about using protection. It’s imperative that you have condoms with you since they are for both your safety and hers. Your escort isn’t going to negotiate with you about protection, so be a gentleman and carry your own protection. 

  1. The Etiquettes for Both Incalls and Outcalls

Ensure that the predetermined location is in a friendly and safe neighborhood if the escort is arriving at your place. It’s common for the agency to ask for a landline or hotel room number to call you beforehand to check if you’re ready for the meeting. 

If you’re meeting the escort at her place, you should respect her property. She may entertain in her apartment or condo, and you must always treat the visit like you would as a guest in someone’s house. This means asking permission for things and being polite.

The agency could give you directions to a street and neighborhood and give you further directions once you arrive at that destination. This is done for the security and safety of the escort.

You must also honor the confidentiality code. This means never share her address with anyone, as you can easily land yourself into trouble

  1. Offer Your Feedback

If the experience has been exceptionally good, you may tip the escort, as it’s a great way to show your gratitude for her excellent services. It’s also good practice to give your feedback to the agency by calling them or dropping them a letter. Your good feedback could help the escort improve her standing in the agency, and you may also be tagged as a customer that may come back again.

published | May 7, 2019