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Statement from Former NJ Gov. Jon S. Corzine Re: Camden City

Statement from Governor Jon S. Corzine Cnb politics 2

As Governor, my administration prioritized precious economic development resources in our urban communities with Camden being a city of great need.  When I took office, Camden was under state supervision, had a national reputation for violent crime and there was limited economic activity. Working with caring and dedicated community leaders, business and local government officials (including law enforcement), significant progress was made in lowering crime rates. We were also able to secure Campbell Soup’s continued presence and welcome a new medical school and Cancer Center associated with Cooper Hospital.  The investments made with Cooper Hospital were anchoring steps in the “eds and meds” initiatives to rebuild Camden. My successor, Governor Christie, with whom I rarely agree, continued these economic development initiatives and effectively extended the state’s partnership in the city’s renewal.


Today, I am pleased to see Camden’s substantial progress.  Hard work and focused initiatives by many stakeholders, including George Norcross, deserve credit for the results.  Even so, more needs to be done. State administered economic investments and incentives within the proper legal and accountability framework should continue to play an essential role.

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published | May 9, 2019