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New American Legion World Series logo unveiled

The American Legion and Cleveland County (N.C.) ALWS Baseball, Inc., released the new logo for the American Legion World Series (ALWS). Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 16.26.26

With Shelby, N.C., affirmed as the host of the American Legion World Series in perpetuity, both parties agreed to unify the visual identity of the event by combining to create one unified logo as opposed to the two previously used.

The new logo features elements of both the previous American Legion World Series marker from 1987 and the local World Series logo, which debuted when Shelby became the permanent host in 2012.

“This design and The American Legion trademark provides uniformity so any and all will know this is the American Legion World Series,” said Gaither M. Keener Jr., a member of the Advisory Committee to the National Commander of The American Legion and the Executive Committee of Cleveland County ALWS Baseball, Inc. “We will use this logo in conjunction with the regional logos to indicate that the regional winners will be playing in the ALWS.”

Local ALWS Committee Chairman Eddie Holbrook was also pleased with the logo conversion, saying, “We are excited that, with the cooperation of the national American Legion office, we are unveiling a new logo in the same year Shelby-Cleveland County has been granted an evergreen contact for the American Legion World Series.”

The 2019 American Legion World Series takes place Aug. 15-20.


published | May 14, 2019