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How to travel the East Coast

The east coast of America is home to some of the most cultured and vibrant cities in the United States. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, it has centuries of history Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 9.40.24 behind it in terms of immigration and pivotal moments in the founding of the United States as we know it today. The size of America and the sheer number of great places to visit on the East Coast means a road trip could be the best option for you. With that in mind, here are a few tactics for traveling this brilliant region of the U.S.

Opt for a road trip

While the East Coast of America is certainly long, the temptation to fly might not be a cost-effective option. Going on a road trip will enable you to stop off at new places out of pure curiosity and take your time in each location you visit.

If the idea of motel hopping doesn’t appeal to you, then investing in a motorhome might be a cost-effective accommodation option. If you’re considering financing a motorhome for long vacations, then this handy guide should provide you with some insight into budgeting for one. The reason this would be particularly useful is that only renting an RV, as opposed to financing one, on top of every other expense can become quite costly. The money you will be putting aside for one will be going towards an investment – allowing the rest of your trip expenses to go on more transient expenditures. 

Start in New York

This sounds like an obvious statement; however, if you’re planning to trickle down the East Coast from top-to-bottom, then this is an ideal place to base yourself first. Not only that, but New York can be pretty tiring if you’ve just spent a month on the road visiting other states, so starting with the most vivacious city first could be a savvy option. Not only that, but it’s likely that your journey south will involve a journey across the Brooklyn Bridge – an iconic sight and experience. It’s also a good city to start with before moving onto other might, but hugely different cities such as Philadelphia.

End in Florida

What better way to end a road trip than with sun, sea, and surf? Florida is home to some of America’s most infamous beaches, such as Miami Beach. It’s likely that you will have been visiting countless museums, historical landmarks and places of note, so winding down with a martini in hand could be the perfect end to a long journey. If Miami Beach is a bit too hectic for your taste, then Fort Lauderdale is highly recommended for those who want to avoid crowds but still enjoy palm trees and perfect sands. 

A trip to the East Coast can end up being a costly venture, but only because there’s simply so much to see. Eating lobster rolls and visiting infamous state parks comes with a price tag, but the experiences you’ll accumulate will be well worth it. 

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