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TRENTON (May 16, 2019) – Nicholas Schilt enjoys playing New Jersey Lottery games, particularly the Quick Draw game. He is part owner of a family bar and restaurant where he serves as the cook. During quiet times before the bar gets too busy, he often plays Quick Draw, selecting simple, patterned, numbers that are easy to check when the numbers are being drawn.


While waiting for customers to arrive on Saturday, May 11, Nicholas purchased a ten-spot wager with the BULLSEYE add-on for five consecutive drawings, selecting the numbers: 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, and 79.  He watched the first of the next five drawings on the screen. On the first drawing, Nicholas didn’t match a single number, but still won a $5 prize. Then, on the very next drawing, he saw more and more of his numbers started to show up on the screen. By the time only three numbers were left to be drawn, he knew he only needed two more matches for a perfect jackpot ticket—things were looking good!


As Nicholas watched the last few numbers roll in and complete his perfect ten-spot wager, he knew it was already worth an amazing $100,000 prize! He was ecstatic and waited for the final part of the drawing:  the BULLSEYE number. “Bullseye! Bullseye! Bullseye!” he shouted out in the empty bar, waiting for the drawing to select one bonus number for a bigger prize. Just a few second later the BULLSEYE number was selected – 75! That number just tripled his $100,000 prize to a WHOPPING $300,000!


Nicholas immediately called his wife and his father to share the good news. He asked his wife to come pick up the ticket to keep it in a safe place until they could file their claim.  This $300,000 win is a great bonus, since plans were already being made for home renovation projects over the next year or two and this money will definitely help with the costs.


Nicholas is the first New Jersey Lottery player to match a perfect ten-spot in the Quick Draw game with BULLSEYE since the launch of Quick Draw in July 2017. The BULLSEYE add-on was launched on October 1, 2018. Nicholas’ lucky ticket was purchased at Bergen Brick Oven Bar & Grill on 290 Huyler St., South Hackensack in Bergen County. For more information on Quick Draw, visit our website.