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Rep. Jeff Van Drew Calls to Finalize Investigations

Delaware Riverkeeper Network Claims LNG Cover Up


Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, NJ; In a scathing letter sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps), US Coast Guard, and state

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environmental regulatory agencies, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network asserts there has been a failure to disclose to the public a proposal, currently being reviewed and approved by multiple agencies, to export Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from the Gibbstown Logistics Center located in Gibbstown, Greenwich Township, New Jersey.


According to the letter the Delaware Riverkeeper Network learned of the LNG export proposal by communicating with various agency staff, but that no documents or permit applications discussing development of the site since 2016 mentions the site is intended to be used for LNG export, including recent permit applications dated March 2019 that have been submitted to the state of New Jersey and the DRBC.  Original proposals and documents propose a multi-use Marine Terminal, including for exporting Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) but none discussing the export of Liquefied Natural Gas.  The letter describes multiple efforts to learn about, and comment upon, the proposed site uses; including outreach to FERC that has no information on the LNG export proposal.


“This looks to us like a deliberate cover-up.  LNG export facilities are under increasing scrutiny because of the significant environmental and safety concerns they generate.  There would be no reason not to disclose this critical body of information other than to evade full and fair review by agencies and the public and to avoid the public outcry of opposition that such news would be sure to generate,” said Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper and leader of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.


“Delaware Riverkeeper Network has participated in the public review process for this facility in good faith since 2016 only to find out that apparently there was a hidden purpose for the Gibbstown terminal.  New Fortress Energy and Delaware River Partners may have thought they could avoid public scrutiny by sneaking in their intended use but they are dead wrong; we are demanding the comprehensive and public process this exceedingly dangerous proposal requires,” said Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director, Delaware Riverkeeper Network.


According to information described in the letter, it appears as though fracked shale gas will be liquefied in Pennsylvania near shale gas fields and then transported, including by truck, to Gibbstown for proposed export.


The Delaware Riverkeeper Network describes a rush to hearings and likely approvals by the Delaware River Basin Commission and demands that the public hearing planned for June 6 be cancelled until full and fair information regarding the LNG aspects of the proposal be made public.  The letter also urges all agencies who have given any approval for this site rescind such approval until they and those agencies who have not yet been informed of the proposal have had a full and fair opportunity to review the ramifications of LNG export from the site and have had the full benefit of a genuine and fully informed public review and comment process.