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*Brooklawn Partners with Rite-Aids KidCents Program/Project Medicine Drop

Good news

BROOKLAWN, NJ ( Borough of Brooklawn, in partnership with Rite-Aids KidCents Program, is proud to announce they are now participating in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Project Medicine Drop. You can anonymously drop off old expired medications, medications you no longer use, and other drugs. Whenever the Borough building is open to the public you can dispose of your unwanted medication/drugs at your convenience. The mailbox style drop-box is located in the Borough Hall, just to the right as you walk in. You do not have to check-in with the police department, just deposit into the box as you would a mailbox.

On weekends and after business hours you can make arrangements to have an officer let you into the building to use the drop box. We do recommend that you take off all personal information from your medicine bottles/containers before depositing into the box.


Anyone dropping off medicine should first:

-Minimize as many containers as possible (combine medications in as few containers as possible, then recycle the old medicine bottles and boxes). Brooklawn Police Dept. must empty and store the contents of the medicine drop box until they are ready for destruction at an approved facility; we do not have unlimited storage capacity.

-Do not drop off vitamins, vitamins can be disposed of in your regular trash

-Liquids, such as cough medicine, Benadryl, topical ointments, etc., are NOT permitted for disposal in the box

-Needles and hypodermic syringes are NOT permitted

-It is recommended that you take the patients name off of the container

-Do not drop off empty containers, we just place them in the recycle bucket

THANK YOU for following these guidelines.


The medicine drop box is NOT for the use of Doctor's offices, nor pharmaceutical businesses, that need to dispose of medication.

Any questions please contact Police Officer Raymond Mckenney # 703 at 856-456-0750 ext 171 or email him at