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5 Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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Home renovations are an excellent opportunity to completely transform your living space and revitalize your surroundings. Now that you can find endless home renovation tips and guides online, as well as easy access to any supplies that you need, it has never been easier or more appealing to undertake home renovations on your own initiative.

When you do as much of the actual renovating as possible by yourself, you will have complete control over the process. This means that you will be free to decide every aspect of your renovations and you won't be restricted by other people's vision and ideas.

However, when you undertake renovations yourself, you are also taking on all the responsibility. If anything goes wrong, it will be you and your property that suffers. The following tips can help any homeowner to ensure that their renovations proceed as smoothly as possible.

Setting an Unrealistic Budget

This is probably the most common mistake homeowners make that dooms their renovations before they've even begun. If you don't give yourself enough of a budget to complete all the works you are planning, then it doesn't matter what else you do, you're going to run into serious trouble.

When you don't budget properly, you aren't just risking not being able to complete the renovations you want, you risk leaving jobs half finished. Half-finished renovation work will completely destroy the look and feel of your home, so it’s important that you start your renovations by setting yourself a realistic budget that will easily cover all the renovations you will be undertaking.

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A proper budget is necessary so you know exactly how much money you will be able to spend on your renovations. This is important because, no matter how well you plan your renovations beforehand, there is always the possibility that something will go wrong. If this occurs, you might incur unexpected costs, which can sink your plans if you aren’t prepared for them.

Not Complementing Existing Architecture

Deviating from the original style isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it is important that all the different styles present in your home complement one another and work well together. It’s easy to throw together multiple styles and end up with something that accentuates all the wrong qualities of each style.

You should always consult with someone who has architectural knowledge and experience before you begin matching styles together. Remember that architectural styles do not exist purely for aesthetics. Each style is also functional and designed to be applicable to real world buildings. When you combine aesthetic styles, you also combine functions.

In order to ensure that the architectural styles you want to mix are suitable and will work well with one another, you should consult with someone who has experience with the styles you want to use.

Putting Form Over Function

Updating the look of your home can mean targeting a few select areas for some specific work, or it might mean working up an entirely new look for your whole property. No matter how big or small your renovations are, you need to always remain mindful of the practical function of any changes you make.

If your renovations involve significantly modifying, adding or removing existing structures to your property, you need to ensure that whatever your final design for your home is, you are confident that it will be structurally sound. In some cases, you will be able to achieve seemingly impossible architectural feats by combining different styles that shouldn’t go together. However, this will inevitably involve the construction of additional structures and supports.

The best approach is to work with someone who has a firm grasp of architecture before you begin seriously planning your renovations. This way, every decision you make about your property will be made in conjunction with someone who will be well positioned to point out any flaws or weaknesses in your current plans.

Shop Around

Whenever you need to buy yourself any supplies, appliances, flooring or anything else that you might use in your home renovations, make sure that you shop around. If you are going to be using any hired help, make sure that you find the best possible crew for the work you want done. The longer you are willing to spend shopping around to find the best prices and the best services, the less you will have to spend on your renovations.

As we mentioned earlier, you should always have a clear budget in place before you begin so you know how much money will be available to you. Once you have a budget, you still need to decide which items are going to be a priority when you are spending it. As a general rule, you should prioritize appliances above all else. You want to make sure that your designs accommodate all your existing appliances and have adequate space for any that you will be adding.

Being Too Frugal

Saving money is always a good idea and your home renovations are no exception. However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of simply looking for the lowest price possible and always going with that. Sometimes things are cheap because they are available as part of an offer or deal. Sometimes, they are cheap because they are low quality.

Poor quality construction materials will be more likely to fail, as will appliances. Cheap paint is more likely to fade and peel and cheap adhesives won’t be as strong. Save money, yes, but also be willing to spend money to obtain quality materials when and where you need them.

As long as you avoid these common mistakes, your next home renovations should go off without a hitch. When all is said and done, your renovations should leave you with a property that feels like a completely new home. Refreshing our surroundings every now and then is good for us, and undertaking the renovations yourself will make it all the more satisfying.