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From The Desk of the Principal: Philanthropy Week

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Greetings To All From Cumberland Street,
I am writing to share some excellent news. While we are still waiting for a few gifts to arrive, we are close to finalizing the totals for our 2nd Annual Philanthropy Week. As you know, the week is Good News 2 dedicated to "giving back" and I want to share with YOU all that WE accomplished! In 2018, we were very pleased to have over 100 donors who generously contributed over $34,000 to Gloucester Catholic. In 2019, our second year, we had over 190 donors generously contribute over $74,000 thus far. This is an incredible response on the part of our Gloucester Catholic family and I extend my genuine gratitude to you all for your belief in our School.
Please be certain that every gift impacts a student directly and profoundly. As in 2018, all the money raised will be used to support scholarship and our tuition assistance program. Additionally, I would like to salute and acknowledge George Batavick '66, a distinguished member of our Gloucester Catholic community. Because of George's Matching Gift Challenge these last two years, we have created a new tradition on Cumberland Street that I am confident will have staying power and continue to grow.
It is important to note that the revenue generated during Philanthropy Week consists of completely new contributions. I would also like to point out that many donors made their second and/or third contribution of the giving year to Gloucester Catholic during Philanthropy Week. This is a true testament to the commitment that our entire community has in our future. It certainly was a banner week for Gloucester Catholic. I thank YOU all.
All the best,
Ed Beckett,

published gloucestercitynews.net | April 17, 2019