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Everything You Need to Know About Securing Your House While on Vacation


You have waited months for a much-needed vacation, and the day is finally here where you board the flight and head off to your dream holiday. There will always be a nagging thought in the back of your head, “Did I lock all the doors?”, “Are all the valuables safely locked?” and so on. Before you leave home, it’s essential that you check your house thoroughly before you pack your bags and leave on a jet plane. If you’re planning a vacation during the peak summer months of June, July or August, you will have to be extra careful because these are the months where burglaries happen the most. Whether it’s a security alarm or installing a wifi video doorbell, you need to ensure that everything is secure before you leave the house.


Internal security:


Follow this checklist to safeguard the interior aspects of the house:


>> Firstly, install a simple wifi video doorbell because you don’t need to be at your house to see who is at your doorstep. With this gadget, you will be notified by anyone who rings your doorbell as the image will be sent right to your smartphone screen. If you find someone suspicious has paid a visit to your home, then you can alert the authorities to have a check on the house. This gadget is useful because you can keep a watch on who visits your home, even if you’re miles away.


>> Install a timer for your interior lights; this is essential because you don’t want to give an impression to outsiders that no one is home. If all the lights are off, then there are high chances that your house will fall prey to robbery.

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>> Power surges are unpredictable, and if you’re not home, you can’t protect your electronics from this uncertainty. Therefore, it’s advised that you unplug any electronics that can be affected by a power surge. Some of the things you can unplug are your computer, TV, stereo, etc. You can ensure that they are plugged in safely into a surge protector.


>> While traveling, it’s best not to put up any notifications on your social media pages. You may think it’s only your friend and family who are keeping track of your social media activity. However, in reality, you may have some unwanted visitors viewing your online activity. So, it’s best that you save all your vacation posts for after your holiday.


>> Along with a wifi video doorbell, it's best that you notify your house alarm company and tell them that you won’t be at home from a specified period. If you have an automatic alarm system installed at home, the company responsible will set an alarm that is suitably activated when you leave.


>> Get a security box, preferably an automatic one. If you have jewelry, cash or relevant documents that you’re anxious to leave behind while on holiday, and then the security box is your best bet. When you have an automatic security box, you can place all your valuables under a specific code that only you can access. This is a good idea because all your valuable assets will be stored in one place away from prying eyes.


>> If you have a smart thermostat, then just like the wifi video doorbell, you will receive notifications on your smartphone no matter where you are. With the thermostat, you can even adjust the temperature right from your phone. So, remember to keep the heat or air conditioning at low.


External factors:


This checklist will help with the external security of your house, some of the important points that you should follow are as follows:


>> If you have a landscape that needs constant maintenance, like a lawn, then you have to arrange for lawn care. You can have the landscaping taken care of when you’re not home, ensure that you enlist the help of someone whom you trust. Also, before you leave for the trip ensure that the trees are trimmed; this won’t give access to robbers into your home.


>> If you have a newspaper delivery service, inform them that you won’t be home for some days. This way, there won’t be a pile of newspapers at your doorstep, giving it away that you’re not home. Which is an indication to burglars as well.


>> You can install some smart interior lighting that you can time with your phone, and they are great because it makes it seem like someone is home.

When you leave your home unattended, there are some precautions you need to take in order to keep your home safe. There are some gadgets that can help you out so it would be better to research into them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

published gloucestercitynews.net | April 30, 2019