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Educational Online Services for Students


The concept of learning management systems has evolved in the last decade, A increasing number of world-class schools and universities offer their academic programs online, many platforms have created new learning techniques and websites are sprouting up for a plethora of educational services.

Today, education has gone way beyond academic learning. It is not just about preparing for exams, the concept of learning also aims at improving hard and soft skills to excel in one’s career.

So from the countless online services out there, we have handpicked a few that is most suitable for students to sharpen their skill set.

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1. Coursera

Coursera has been a very convenient website for students and professionals for educational purposes. The site offers online courses on almost every subject under earth both for free or a minor fee for certification. Many of these courses also come with valid credentials from Universities. Coursera is worth taking a look at for students who are seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the curriculum or advance their career.

2. EssayPro


EssayPro is an online platform that has been rendering excellent essay services to college students. With their longstanding success of over two decades in the educational industry, the website has managed to assist students to boost their performance is academics by helping them craft excellent college essays.


Students simply have to use their write my essay option and requirements to find a writer who could help them with the same. Whether it is for an admission essay to secure the college or a thesis paper to mark your graduation, EssayPro will have a dedicated professional to help you with it. Moreover, they also have a separate blog section with useful tips on writing and formulating content for essays.

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3. Udemy


The website offers the world’s most extensive collection of online courses across a wide range of subjects. Now, Udemy caters to over 15 million students from university levels to the corporate world signed up to stay updated in their respective fields.


Udemy is the right place if you want to work on a specific skill set, that could get students to establish a career. Unlike programs outlined around collegiate coursework, Udemy focuses on providing opportunities that aim at facilitating knowledge on a variety of niches directly applicable to jobs.



4. Skillshare


A skill set does not pertain only to academics. Skillshare is aimed at creators who can set up a session of class to share their skills, be it in any field of design, technology, business, photography, writing, and so on.


The website now hosts around 3 million people, both offering their insight knowledge on a specific topic and gaining knowledge from others. Skillshare encourages practical approaches to learning rather than from theories.

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5. Study Guide Zone

This website has curated resources that help students with almost any concern of academics while in college from prepping your way to college admissions or preparing for a graduate entrance exam, Study Guide Zone has got you covered with articles, and useful tips to crack any standardized exam.


The website simplifies the process, offering students free and easily understandable study materials and help you track the progress. Whether you are trying for a masters degree, or a new certification to advance your career, Study Guide Zone will have a useful resource on there.

6. Koofers

A part of education is also about excelling in exams. Koofers is an internet platform that provides free access for students to practice exams and test banks. They also have tools that to help with grade distribution data, class schedules, to create study flash cards and look up professor rating.


They have taken a further step with the enterprise called Campus recruiting solution where students can join to find internships and job opportunities directly through the website.

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7. TED Talks

It is necessary for students to stay updated about the innovations in the field, The initiative of TED Talks has achieved that by motivating students and providing valuable information for many areas. Whether it is to get inspired for a project or find an original idea, the website will prove to be most helpful.

It might appear like college students might have it easy today with so many resources. However, with the pressure students are experiencing to perform at academics, these tools and platforms will go a long way to being effective.

published gloucestercitynews.net | April 30, 2019