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Advantages of Online Learning


(April 4, 2019)--While the traditional classroom remains the most popular form of learning, it comes with its fair share of challenges. For one, learners are supposed to pay thousands of dollars to attend the best schools. Besides, with limited opportunities, you may not be in a position to study your preferred course. This is definitely the reason why thousands of students from all corners of the world are opting for self-education. E-learning seems to be the biggest revolution that has ever happened in the education industry. There are some good reasons why you need to consider online learning. Let us look at some of these benefits.

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Image: https://www.easy-lms.com/knowledge-center/lms-knowledge-center/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-online-learning/item12529

1. Work from anywhere, at any time

Once you join a digital class, you will not have to worry about the hassle of attending class for hours, sitting on that hard chair or even suffering from back pain. This is because you will not be bound to the physical classroom. You will get all the important lectures and free online materials through an online learning platform.

This means you can easily access them from the comfort of your home. By attending e-learning classes, you will have to spend money on public transport or even fuel your car to go to class. The fact that you can learn from anywhere is definitely one of the biggest advantages of online education.

   2. Get knowledge for free

In case you need any information, you can easily find it in the online database. This means you can get things like training materials, live discussions and emails. Therefore, if you need to seek any clarification for something, you can always get the documents fast. This can serve to save your valuable time. This is particularly important for people who would like to research a particular project before submitting it to a panel.  No matter the subject you want to learn, you can find sites that offer online classes.

3. Focus on the idea

When considering what you should study, apart from the career opportunities and interests, your studying location is a key consideration. This will affect your choice of course or subjects you are taking.  When you take digital classes, you get the convenience of not worrying about the location of the class. This enables you to focus on your subject of study and choose from a wide range of programs and courses.

4. Availability of instructors

One of the drawbacks of the traditional classroom is that students may not have an opportunity to get personalized attention especially when they need to have certain concepts clarified. In most colleges, classes have thousands of students, and it can be difficult for the instructor to give them individual attention. This is not a problem for online learning as there are some online guided discussions that students can have with their lecturers and professors. This can increase the chances of the students doing well.

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Image: https://leverageedu.com/blog/benefits-of-online-learning-for-students/

5. More time to think before sharing

When you join an e-learning course, you will get an opportunity to think before you share. You can even research before answering a question. If you don’t know how to handle an assignment, there is always the option of seeking help, for example, Essayontime complete your assignment in several hours,

6. Review lecture instantly

Majority of Google classrooms enable students to choose what they would like to learn. Students can choose to set courses that are in tune with their job schedules and time requirements. This is on top of the fact that the learner’s interest is what matters. Therefore, one o the benefit of e-learning is that students are usually self-motivated with something they love. This serves to enhance the learning process.

7. Disabilities aren’t obstacles

When it comes to the online education’s accessibility, this is usually not only about the financial capacity but also the physiological factor too. While the majority of institutions come equipped to assist students who are on wheelchairs, learning institutions still have a long way to go before they create an environment that is completely friendly to the disabled. When you join an online school, disability doesn’t have to be an obstacle. This is because you will not need to commute to the learning institution and will instead learn from home.

8. The application process is a thousand times easier

One of the pros of digital learning over the traditional class is that it is easier to apply. With the so many institutions offering e-learning, it is possible to get admitted to your desired college and course. This is unlike the traditional courses, where students go through a competitive process before joining a certain course.

9. Lead to better career prospects

When you study on the internet, it becomes possible to fit your work schedule around the coursework easily. This can help you to join a course that is within your career. In one study, it was noted that nearly half of students who join online classes report an improvement in their employment standing at work. By the time you will be done with your course, you will have gotten more experience.

10. Self-discipline and responsibility

Many people will tell you that you will need a lot of self-discipline and responsibility when studying online. But who said this is a disadvantage? While it is true that learning online will require a lot of discipline and self-motivation, these are important skills you will learn as you study on the internet. These are traits that will help you to stand out at the workplace.


There is no denying that online degree programs and courses are more convenient and cheaper as compared to traditional courses.  This is on top of the fact that you learn in a relaxed way even if you have no plans of getting certified.  With the above pros of online education, you can see why it is not necessary to join the traditional classroom.


Nicole Lewis is an online tutor and writer. She is passionate about seeing education being accessible to all people.  As an online instructor, she has seen hundreds of students reap the benefits of online education.