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UPDATED:(Monday, March 25, 2019)-- After being talked about and debated so long, legalized recreational marijuana fell apart when the vote was canceled since Murphy could not convince a handful of senators to embrace the idea. A majority vote in the Senate would be 21. The legislation had 18 hard yes votes. Despite Murphy's full court press, a Democratic governor couldn't get the job done with a Democratic legislature. read more


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It seems just like yesterday the next door sports bookie was hauled away in cuffs for taking bets on football pools. And who can forget the local business owner being arrested for driving in his Cnbnews editorialcar puffing a joint. But now it is legal to place a bet online for almost any sporting event you want in New Jersey. And if politicians behind the legalization of marijuana have their way you might be getting a marijuana store in your neighborhood to replace the local drug dealers in the not to distance future.

It appears that our leaders in Trenton are legalizing every vice they can in order to find another source to tax.

Could legalized prostitution be next?

We are still waiting to see the benefits from the lottery sales and Atlantic City casinos. How is it Nevada residents pay no state taxes because of the revenue their state receives from their casinos, and yet, New Jersey residents pay the highest taxes in the nation?


Just last week  Senator Corey Booker (NJ-D) threw his support behind legalizing marijuana in his state.

According to the blog marijuanamoment.net the senator, who is a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate iand also sponsored congressional legislation to end federal cannabis prohibition, is the latest in a growing list of political leaders who’ve advocated for the bill, which was approved by state Senate and Assembly committees earlier this week and is expected to receive floor votes in both chambers on Monday.

Whether the legislation will be approved is yet to be seen. NJ.com is keeping track of where lawmakers currently stand on the bill, and as of Friday afternoon their online whip count shows that a majority in the Senate plan to vote against it, while votes allocated so far in the Assembly are roughly even.

March 24, 2019 | gloucestercitynews.net